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How to Choose Your Fashion School

If you are a fashion savvy and have always liked to maintain your personal style statement, you may consider to kick start a career in fashion design. Your personal style may have gotten you many admirers. But if you are really serious about making a successful career in the fashion industry, you should know how to choose the right fashion school. There are hundreds of fashion schools, colleges and universities across the United States offering degrees both via campus mode and online. By choosing your fashion school rightly, you can enroll into a degree program that provides you with a solid foundation for a successful career in the fashion industry.

Given below are a few essential steps that guide you to choose a fashion school which is right for you.

Step # 1. There are various aspects to fashion design. Before you decide to enroll into a fashion school, you should be aware of your actual passions and interests. You can choose a niche from design, illustration, making clothes, buy and sale of garments etc.

Step # 2. Do some research on your own. Internet is a wonderful platform to perform this research. Also send away for catalogues to have a good knowledge about numerous fashion schools and colleges.

Step # 3. Choose a program that focuses on the area of your interest. Fashion schools may offer a wide range of fashion degree programs and courses. Go through the detailed coursework and find out which degree or course works the best for you. Depending on your specific interests, you can get enrolled in courses like fashion design, textile manufacturing, trend analysis, merchandise marketing etc.

Step # 4. Get in touch with admission advisors and seek expert advice from them on what majors best suit your chosen niche of interest.

Step # 5. It is advisable to spend some time on the campus and get talking to students who have already enrolled in a specific fashion design course. Talk to them on how to choose a fashion school and what important criteria need to be considered while making the choice.

Step # 6
. Build and expand your professional network. Particularly, get in touch with the alumni and find out how their educational qualifications have brought them success.

If you want to make the most of your career in the fashion industry, you should always start with choosing the right fashion school. Some prior research and advance preparation in this regard can really bring you a lot of benefits in your career. Fashion schools have an in-depth knowledge of the best jobs available in the fashion industry.


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How to Become a Professional Cartoonist

The job of a professional cartoonist is not only one of the highest paid careers, but it also gives the cartoonist the opportunity to express themselves. Though the profession does not require special education, it definitely requires lots of creativity and some special courses. Professional cartoonists can land jobs with magazines, televisions, publishers, advertising agencies and websites among others. Besides being financially profitable, the career is extremely challenging. If you are innovative enough, strong power of imagination and passion to draw, the career of a professional cartoonist can just be the right option for you.

Becoming a cartoonist enables you to do what you love doing. The field also provides you with the excellent opportunity of reaching out to millions of people and showcasing your unique talent to them. And when you begin getting appreciation and recognition, it truly brings a lot of job satisfaction. Landing the perfect cartoonist job position will certainly take a lot of time and research. However, the struggle and effort you put in will be worth it.

How to Get Started and Train to Become a Cartoonist
To becoming a successful professional cartoonist, you need to enhance your drawing and sketching skills. If you are attending school, you can choose to take some special classes on the subject. Candidates can also select an arts school and take some special courses to develop and polish their skills of drawing cartoons and sketching. Also make an attempt to get your cartoons published in your school magazines and the local newspaper, to start with.

Creating an Impressive Portfolio
Get yourself a nice portfolio case to showcase your work. Review all the work that you have done. Select some of your best work and create an impressive portfolio to show to the editors while applying for professional cartoonist jobs. You can also show your work to a professional first, ask them for advice and then create your portfolio.

Finding Opportunity in the Local Newspaper
When you are just starting your career, you should try to get your cartoons in the local newspaper of your area. Look for community events occurring in the area. These occasions are a wonderful platform to put your creative work on display and let the public view it.

Submitting Your Work and Landing Cartoonist Jobs
When you are ready with an impressive cartoonist portfolio, it is time to submit your work to the employers you have targeted. Do some research on the employers that match up with what you are looking for. It may be possible that the employer you have targeted is currently not in a hiring mode. Don’t worry. Just get in touch with the employer and request them to have a look at your work. They may keep your cartoonist portfolio for future references.


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How to Become a Chemist

The major responsibility of chemists is to conduct chemical researches, seek new information and develop a range of materials including drugs, adhesives, synthetic fibers, cosmetics, lubricants and paints among others. Right from food and medicine to computers and plastics, chemicals are used in almost everything we use in our daily life. Trained chemists are responsible for understanding the properties of all these chemicals and manipulate them.

Chemists are also involved in petrochemical processing and improved oil refining among others. They perform these tasks with a view to conserving energy and decrease pollution. Many of the professionals are involved in research and development work of chemicals. While conducting these researches, chemists study the composition and the properties of matter and the governing rules of the mixture of elements. One field of the research field is applied research where chemists are required to formulate new processes or make modifications to the existing ones.

To become a chemist, computer proficiency is also required. Computers are extensively used while performing experimental analysis, simulation and modeling. Very often, these professional choose to specialize in a particular field of their interest – analytical, macromolecular, medicinal, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry etc.

Educational Requirement & Training
The minimum requirement for entry level jobs is a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a relevant field. Candidates who aspire to become a part of a research project should possess a master’s degree or a doctoral degree in chemistry. In addition to the degree, candidates also need to undertake courses in computer science and mathematics to make the most of their careers as a chemist. Today, there are numerous colleges and universities across the United States offering chemistry degree programs for aspiring candidates.

Career Prospects
According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth rate for chemists’ job is expected to grow as fast as the average of all occupations, increasing at the rate of 9% between the years 2006 and 2016. Job prospects will be quite good for chemists with an advanced degree and a few years of working experience. Employment opportunities will be created even as a large number of chemists reach the age of retirement or leave the field for their own reasons.

Annual Salary
The salary of chemists ranges between $41,053 and $51,288 annually. With a few years of working experience under the belt, chemists can earn around $57,000 annually or more. Salaries of professionals also vary depending on the geographical location.


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How to Become a Drug & Alcohol Counselor

This is very unfortunate to see that dependency on alcohol and drugs is increasing in our society. When individuals are addicted, professional help is required. Drug and alcohol counselors are specially trained professionals who use a variety of techniques to help the affected overcome their addictions and dependency. These counselors are, therefore, responsible to help the addicted deal with their problems and help them lead a better life.

Oftentimes, the counseling is provided to the addicted people in groups. However, drug counselors also hold one-on-one sessions, depending on the requirements. Comparatively, group counseling is more beneficial in terms of group discussions, getting feedbacks and interacting with one another about different experiences. Besides counseling, drug and alcohol counselors also conduct multiple programs targeted at preventing addictions of alcohol and drugs.

Training & Educational Requirements
A bachelor’s degree in drug and alcohol counseling is the minimum requirement to become a counselor. To make a successful career, candidates need to have a master’s degree. Extensive coursework and supervised clinical experience are a part of most of these degree programs. Besides being equipped with the degree, candidates also need to be equipped with the latest therapy and treatment research methods.

In addition to the degree in drug and alcohol counseling, licensing requirements also need to be met. Obtaining of license depends on the state where professionals practice their occupation. 3,000 hours of supervised clinical training is required, aside from the master’s degree. Apart from that, professionals also need to adhere by ethical standards and codes and need to pass a state examination.

Today, degrees in drug and alcohol counseling can be obtained both via campus mode and online. Students need to select an option according to their requirements and preferences. Online education gives a lot of flexibility to students and also saves a lot of time and money.

Career Prospects in Drug & Alcohol Counseling
According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth rate is expected to grow faster than the average of all other professions, increasing at rate of 34% between the years 2006 and 2016. As the awareness about drug and alcohol addiction increases, more and more people turn to counselors for treatment. This increasing requirement also creates good job opportunities. More job positions will be created, as a large number of drug and alcohol counselors reach their age of retirement and take transfers due to their own reasons.

Annual Salary
Salaries of drug and alcohol counseling may vary depending on the work location and working experience. These counselors earn an annual salary ranging between $40,173 and $51,106. With growing experience and skill, the salary of these professional can go beyond $60,000 per year.


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How to Become a Registered Nurse

It is interesting to note that registered nurses constitute the largest occupation in the healthcare industry. They occupy around 2.3 million jobs. Job opportunities for registered nurses are very good and more jobs will be added in this field over the next decade. The role of a registered nurse is that of a health educator for families, individuals and communities. Major job responsibilities include helping patients cope with illness and improve their lives, prevent diseases and promote health. [Highest Paying Nursing Careers]

Registered nurses or RNs perform their work abiding by the state rules and laws. However, their daily responsibilities are determined by their work setting. They provide direct patient care, observe patients, assess patient conditions, note the symptoms and also notice the progress in patients. Registered nurses can choose from diverse career possibilities.

Hospital Nurses
Office Nurses
Home Health Nurses
Public Health Nurses
Occupational Health Nurses
Head Nurses or Nurse Supervisors

Educational Requirement for Becoming a Registered Nurse
Candidates who want to become registered nurses should possess a bachelor’s degree in nursing, an associate degree in nursing or a diploma in nursing. A Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN) is required to make a successful career in the field of nursing. There are several colleges and universities across the United States offering a bachelor’s degree, which takes 4 years to complete. An associate degree in nursing may take 2-3 years to complete. The associate degree is offered by numerous community colleges and junior colleges. Those who wish to obtain administrative positions should pursue a BSN or a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.

Nursing education is comprised of both classroom teaching and supervised clinical experience. Candidates gain the clinical experience under the supervision of qualified and expert instructors in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Clinical experience can be gained in maternity, pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery etc.

Nursing Job Opportunities
According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth rate for registered nurses is expected to grow at a faster rate than the average of all professions, through to the year 2012. More job openings will be created as a major number of experienced nurses leave the occupation for their own reasons. As the total elderly population continues to grow, there remains a continuous requirement for nurses. There is no dearth of employment opportunities for registered nurses. They can land jobs in nursing care facilities, ambulatory clinics, home health agencies, physician’s clinics, hospitals, public health departments etc.

Annual Salary
The median annual salary of a registered nurse is around $48,090. The annual salary ranges between $40,140 and $57,490. Those employed in general medical and surgical hospitals earn the highest salary. The average salary for registered nurses working in nursing care facilities is around $43,850.


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Master of Accounting & Finance Management

If you are interested to make a career in the field of accounts and finance management, you can specialize in this field by obtaining a master’s degree of accounting and finance management. The master’s degree trains students in specialized topics and the technical aspect of accounts and finance management. Students can not only obtain the degree via campus mode, but they can also opt for online master’s degree. Acquiring the degree online gives students the flexibility of working around their own schedules and attending classes at a time which is convenient to them.

management degree in accounting and financial management does not only provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the subjects, but the degree program also broadens their skills and understanding of related fields like marketing, commerce and investment. Whether it is experimental research or theoretical study, the online master degree provides expertise in the entire methodologies of accounts and finance as well as their effective application to contemporary business.

The coursework for a master’s degree in accounting and financial management will include –

Capital planning
Budget solutions
Analyses of taxation related theories
Disciplines of management accounting
Understanding of corporate accounts
Investment laws, theories and ideologies
Maintenance of international finance
Ethics of finance and account management

Job Prospects
The master’s degree enables you to acquire multiple job positions. Some of the positions you can take are as follows.

Account Manger
Budget Analyzer
Auditing Officer
Account Investigator
Loan Agent
Taxation Manger

Employment opportunities await both in government and non-government organizations. Candidates with a master’s degree in account and finance management can land jobs in finance consulting companies, corporate account departments, capital sector, taxation sector, banks etc. The master’s degree helps gain expertise and understanding of money management and budget creation. The degree can also help candidates become a writer for publications on business and accounts.


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Becoming a Legislator

Government laws need to be developed and passed from time to time. Legislators are those government officials who create and pass laws for a variety of purposes. These laws are created at different levels including the local level, state level and federal level. The major responsibility of legislators is to set up rules and regulations, government policies and create laws. These professionals hold their job position after being appointed or elected. Formulating new legislation is not an easy task. In fact, it requires comprehensive study done by legislators regarding various issues. There are supporting individuals while legislators conduct their research using multiple sources. Preparation of bills and amendment is also done on the request of legislators.

In order to gain support for their proposals, legislators also make use of promotional methods. Before developing laws and government policies, legislators have the responsibility to actually identify the requirement for new legislation. These professionals also show their activeness by participating in party caucuses. Apart from this, legislators are also responsible for responding to correspondence from constituents and other members of the government and officials. Often times, legislators function as the liaison among the federal agencies, state agencies and district agencies. These professionals also spend their time communicating with organizations relating to legislation.

Besides speaking at legislation related organizations, legislators also remain in close touch with committees that have a keen interest in legislation and legislative procedures. Becoming a legislator does not mean you are going to hold only one particular position. In fact, a legislator can function and perform their role as a county commissioner, council member, state senators and representatives.

Educational Requirement & Training
A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement to function as a legislator. Besides being equipped with a bachelor’s degree, legislators should also fulfill other eligibility criteria including their age, residency and citizenship. Legislators obtain their position after being selected by voters. Therefore, these professionals endeavor to gain local support by participating in community programs and services. To make the most of their career, candidates need to keep them abreast of the state laws, rules, regulations and policies. These professionals are active participant at debates, hearings and committee meetings.

Career Prospects
According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth rate for legislator positions will experience little or no change between the years 2006 and 2016. Job market for legislation positions may vary from one state or region to another. More jobs are expected in this field also due to the reason that a good number of legislators have reached their age of retirement or leave the field for their own reasons.

Annual Salary
The average salary of a legislator is $39,000 per year. Annual salaries of legislators vary depending on the work location, years of experience, industry, employer etc. With growing experience and skills, legislators earn a higher salary and other additional benefits.

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What is an Event Planner?

The United States Department of Labor has classified the occupation of event planning under the title of meeting and convention planners. Though the words event planning may seem to give out a casual meaning, it is a much serious profession. First and foremost, candidates need to understand that event planning is not about party planning.

The U.S. Department of Labor defines event planning as follows –

Meetings and conventions has a common goal of bringing people together. Therefore, the main job responsibility of event planners is to achieve the purpose meetings and conventions are meant for. Whether it is the meeting location, speakers, audio visual equipment or the arrangement of printed materials, the event planners looks after it all.

Event planners work for multiple organizations, business establishments, associations etc. They organize events for their clients, depending on the requirement.

To have a successful career as an event planner, candidates should possess the following skills –

Communication skills (verbal and written)
Organizational skills
Time management
Multi-tasking and project management
Team playing skills
Budget and staff management
Public relations
Negotiation skills

If you want to pursue a career in event planning and management, you should possess a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, bachelor’s degree in marketing, bachelor’s degree in public relations, bachelor’s degree in business administration or a relevant field.


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How to Become a Sports Writer

The field of journalism offers multiple career opportunities for aspiring candidates. If you have keen interest in sports, talking to players and teams and covering sports events, you can choose to become a sports writer. Sports writing is an important form of journalism. Trained sports journalists are quite well versed with attending events and composing articles and stories on sports. Even when you want to enter this field of journalism, you can choose to either specialize in a particular sports activity or can choose to cover a variety of such events.

What Sports Writing is all About
Taking up a career in sports writing means you need to report informative and exciting and engaging sports articles and stories, which needs to be done on a regular basis. In addition to keeping abreast with the team and player news, writers also need to be in close touch with the fans of a particular game they are covering. The basic job role is to update the sports fans on what’s happening in the sports world including news on players, teams, coaches etc. Besides, the writer also has an important role to play in giving the fans a deep insight into the performances of teams and their players. Not only that, writers can also suggest ways in which teams can improve their performances to play at their best.

Becoming a sports writer also requires professionals to keep updated with the history of sports as well as the latest happenings. Therefore, writers need to do a lot of research and reading as many books as possible to increase their understanding of sports and games. Analyses of teams and their players is an important part of an accomplished sports writer.

Education & Training Required
A high school diploma is the minimum requirement. However, if you really want to be successful in your writing career, you should possess a college degree in sports journalism, journalism, English or a relevant degree. To acquire some real world experience, candidates can also start writing for their school sports magazines and local newspapers. Internships also prove to be much helpful in obtaining jobs with big publications. A keen interest in watching and understanding sports is always key to becoming a successful sports writer.

Candidates also need to build a portfolio that they present to employers while applying for jobs in larger publications. Apart from that, candidates need to be quite well updated with all the latest happenings and advancements in the sports world. A strong writing skill is a prerequisite if you wish to make the most of your career. Therefore, participating in writing workshops and going for advanced writing courses always has a major role to play in shaping your career. Creativity, self-motivation and objectivity are ingredients that will make your journalists career successful.

Career Prospects
According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth rate for sports journalists job is expected to grow as fast as the average of all occupations, with an increasing rate of 10% between the years 2006 and 2016. As people continue to take more interest in sports and technological advancements in the sports world continues, there will be more job opportunities for sports writers or sports journalists. Jobs for sports writers are available both full time and part time. Many writers work on a freelance or contractual basis with employers.

Salary Offered
A sports writer’s salary may vary depending on their work experience and the work location. On an average, professionals earn an annual salary of around $49,000. As you grow in experience and keep enhancing your writing skills and style, you can earn a higher salary.


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How Do You Like Your Work?

People make career change decisions and change jobs when they are dissatisfied with their current job. What’s important is to ask yourself the question whether you will be satisfied with the next job that you take up. Remember, it is only you (and no one else) who will accountable for your job satisfaction. Are you going to create the same dynamics that you did in your current job? So, how are you going to design work that you actually like?

Listed below are a few questions that you need to ask yourself to find out whether a particular situation is a good match for you.

How much autonomy (and community) do you like?
How much approval do you look for to deliver your best?
How much responsibility can you actually handle?
Does the creativity the industry encourages match with your style?
Do you see opportunity and are you ambitious?
What industry do you want to serve?

By answering the above mentioned questions, you can figure out whether a particular situation fits in with your personal values and style. Contentment is never going to be provided to you; you must bring it with you. If you really want to be happy, you must know what you like.

To like your work, you need to be determined about what you are really looking for, how to choose that and stop doing what you hate.

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