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How to Become a Receptionist

There are no specific degree requirements to become a receptionist. However, there are a set of key skills that you will need to possess to start working as a receptionist at a company or firm. Working as a receptionist can be fun if you are passionate about connecting with people and assisting them.

The skills that you need to learn for becoming a receptionist are given below.

Dress Skills
A good sense for appropriate dressing is important to become successful as a receptionist. Wherever you work, your personal hygiene is a key ingredient of your success as a receptionist.

Positive Attitude
An important part of your appearance is attitude. If you want to make people comfortable, you should always look positive. A receptionist must look approachable so that people don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Communication Skills
Without good communication skills, you can’t become a receptionist. Excellent communication is, in fact, the foundation stone of a receptionist job. You’ll be constantly talking to people, greeting them and answering phone calls. It is advisable to polish your communication skills before you start applying for receptionists’ jobs.

Multi-tasking Skills
Most of the receptionist jobs will require performing a variety of tasks at the same time. On the one hand, you’ll be answering a phone call. On the other, you will need to print reports from the computer. In addition, you’ll talk to people and assist them with different things. That’s why you need to possess multi-tasking abilities.

Foreign Language Skills
The world has today become a global village. While working as a receptionist, you’ll work with people from a variety of backgrounds. It is good to polish your foreign language skills to enhance your employability.

Receptionist can choose to work in a wide range of industries. If you want to work in a specific industry depending on your interest, you can create a list of your targeted employers before applying for a receptionist’s job position. Enhance the above mentioned skills to become successful as a receptionist.

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How to Become a Bridal Consultant

  If you have a strong passion for making a couple’s wedding day really memorable,   you can consider becoming a bridal consultant. But you won’t become a bridal or wedding consultant only because you have a keen interest in this area of work. You’ll also need to have excellent business skills to plan wedding events efficiently.

Given below are some key steps you can follow to become a bridal consultant and earn a good income out of this fulfilling career.

Make Sure You Have an Eye for Fashion
Well, this is the basic requirement if you want to become a bridal consultant. To become successful with this career, you need to have a strong knowledge about fashion. You should have a keen interest about keeping yourself up-to-date on the latest trends in fashion.

Complete a Course
Since strong communication and organizational skills are key to being successful as a bridal consultant, you need to get yourself educated and trained. There are various colleges and schools that offer bridal or wedding consultant courses. Choose an appropriate school according to your specific requirements. Courses in bridal consultant include topics like financial management, event management, communication, conflict management etc.

Decide Where You Want to Work
After completing your course, it’s time to get started with your job search. Prepare a list of your targeted employers. Check out bridal salons which are located in close vicinity and find out about their recruitment procedure. Try to make yourself aware of the whereabouts of the salons where you will be applying for a bridal consultant job position.

There are multiple places where bridal consultants can work. If you are well trained, you can land jobs with wedding planning agencies, video companies, photo companies, catering companies etc.

Create a Professional Resume
Before applying for a job position as a bridal consultant, you should make sure your resume is in good shape. Your resume should reflect really well the level of talent and skills you posses. You may lose a potential job opportunity if your resume doesn’t speak well of your skills. So, spend some time creating a resume which immediately impresses the employer.

Practice Interviewing
Don’t attend an interview without some advance preparation. Practice the skills with a friend you trust. Perfect the areas where you are weak. When you are really confident responding to the interviewer’s questions, you should be ready to face the employer or the hiring manager.

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