What are the Best Jobs for Single Moms?

There is a large number of single moms and divorced mothers that need jobs to look after multiple obligations in a better way. There are best job opportunities available for moms in a wide range of fields. However, healthcare can offer single mothers some of the best paying jobs with a lot of working hours flexibility.

While looking for jobs, single moms’ most important concerns are good work flexibility and a decent salary. Any job that offers these addresses these concerns can be termed as best jobs for moms.

Considering the rough competition for jobs, many single mothers can have a hard time finding jobs that are in tune with their requirements. However, a targeted job search and some advance planning can immediately enhance single or divorced mothers’ chances of landing jobs.

Flexible Working Hours
Moms will do well in jobs that offer them a flexible work schedule. It’s true that moms may have a hectic life. In any case, they need to keep the correct balance between professional and personal life.

Some of the fields where single moms can find a job of their choice are as follows.

Healthcare Industry
Today, the healthcare industry is facing a shortage of trained healthcare professionals. And this field of work offers an array of job opportunities, suitable for single mothers and divorced moms. With some training and adequate qualifications, moms can prepare themselves to become a nurse, a home health care aide, physician’s assistant etc.

All these healthcare jobs offer good work timings. Most of them offer moms the opportunity to work in shifts. Depending on their individual requirements, single mothers can choose a job that suits them best. Jobs are available in general hospitals, nursing care facilities, healthcare centers and physician’s offices among others.

Though most of these jobs require a bachelor’s degree from a medical college or school, single mothers can also obtain an associate degree to land jobs quickly. With growing experience, they can strengthen their professional position and start earning a high salary.

Non-Clinical Healthcare Jobs
Single moms who don’t want to directly work in hospitals and see blood can choose from a wide range of non-clinical healthcare jobs. Some of the best paying jobs for moms are available in medical coding, medical transcription, medical social work, athletic training, rehabilitation counseling etc.

Most of the jobs in the non-clinical healthcare industry required either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. Single moms can also start doing these jobs with a relevant associate degree. A little training and some prior work experience can help moms beat out the competition for jobs.

Other potential jobs in this field include positions like healthcare administrator, health educator, medical secretary, mental health counselor, medical equipment technician, health information technician etc.

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  1. non-clinical jobs are perfect for single moms, especially those that only require few hours of reporting or those which allows work from home. That way, you can still take care of your babies while at the same time, earning for a living.

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