How to Use an Informational Interview for Success


Did you know you could land a job through informational interviewing? Well, if you conduct some research online, you will come to know of candidates who got a job after their informational interview. Surprised? It can happen to you as well. Conducting informational interviews with someone may also lead you to employers where there’s a matching job position available. And be sure it’s not about good luck.

Informational interviews can really lead to job search success if you conduct it the right way. There are plenty of job positions that are never advertised whether online or offline. But informational interviewing can take you to those job positions.

When you are stepping into a new career or struggling to find a new job, it is always recommended to conduct informational interviews with successful professionals and employers. Before you actually meet with someone for conducting this interview, you need to prepare yourself for the procedure really well.

If you want to make the most of informational interviews, you need to focus on three major steps, which are as follows.

#1. Prepare for the Interview Well
#2. Know What to Say & What not to Say
#3. Find out How to Get the Person to Refer you to an Employer or a Hiring Manager

The above mentioned steps are nuggets of information if you want to make the most out of informational interview. Anyone who conducts the interview has the chances of the landing an interview or a job through this effective job hunting procedure. Just equip yourself with informational interviewing tips and be ready to get the person you interview to refer you to a hiring manager. In this way, you can really penetrate the hidden job market and land your dream job even when you see no advertisements for the job of your interest.

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