American Companies Plan to Give Pay Raises

Finally, there’s some good news for American workers. The outlook for workers in America is improving! An article (by Sandra Bullock) published in USA Today reports that workers in the United States can expect the largest increase in their pay since the financial crisis hit the nation. The report has been published on the ground of a survey published by an American human resources consulting firm.

The year 2011 will see a merit-based pay increase by around 3%, as compared to 2.7% in the year 2010. The survey regarding this report for salary raise was conducted in the months of January-February this year. Around 400 large corporations and mid-size employers were included in this survey.

The survey also reports that most of the American companies have also lifted their salary freezes that they had implemented in the wake of last economic recession. There are only a handful of companies that will continue their salary freezes in the year 2011. Now, there are scarcely any companies that are saying they would continue salary freezing this year.

Around 40% of the companies in America said they plan to add more people to their workforce. According to experts, employers in the United States will add around 2.4 million jobs in 2011. This percentage is just double the number of jobs that were added in 2010. Therefore, workers in American have finally some respite from salary freezes. Jobs continue to rise and salaries are also expected to be increased this year.

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