What are Transferable Skills?

Skills guarantee success. If you have the ability to do something, it is a skill. People lean many different skills as they live their years through personal and professional lives. Your work experience teaches you a lot of skills. Here, we are going to discuss what transferable skills actually refer to. Well, transferable skills are those skills which you can use across a wide range of jobs or situations. Transferable skills prove to be useful when you seek a career change or a new job with varied roles and responsibilities. If you have the ability to identify your transferable skills and sell it to employers, it can boost your employability.

Transferable skills are not only useful for career changers, but they can come handy even when you have chances of facing a layoff in your company or seeking a new job position after graduating from college. What’s important is that you possess the capability to identify the skills which can be transferred from one career to another.

Identification of Transferable Skills
The very first step towards making the most of your transferable skills is to identify them appropriately. Your job title or the job position may not say a lot about what kind of responsibilities you handled while working in a company. If you want to identify the skills, you need to review each job position you held in your career.

Not only your job, but you can also have a closer look at your life experiences. Life also teaches us a lot of important skills that we can use to do a job. The best part about using transferable skills is that they impart you the ability to make you adaptable to career or job changes. Let us have a look at a couple of examples.

Problem solving
Organizational skills
People skills
Communication skills
Time Management
Computer Skills

These are just a few of the plenty of skills that can be transferred from one career to another. Problem solving or time management skills can actually be used across a range of industries or jobs. Skills which are job-specific can not be used in other jobs. However, transferable skills enable you to embrace a new career and perform the responsibilities efficiently.

Employer’s Requirements
Though most of the employers would want candidates with job-specific skills, they also look for candidates who carry skills that can be transferred from job to another. Candidates with transferable skills possess good chances of career advancement. Employers may teach you job-specific skills, but it’s never easy to learn transferable skills from one employer. Learning skills which can be transferred is an ongoing process. You acquire such skills with the passage of time and experiences you face in personal and professional life.


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