Using Facebook to Find a Job

There’s no doubt that social media is playing a vital role in helping jobseekers find jobs. Popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are at the forefront. People are spending more and more time on such social media websites. If you too are in search of a job, you can certainly use Facebook to your benefits. Given below are some important tips on how to use Facebook as an effective job search tool.

Today, hiring managers are increasing using Facebook for checking the background of people they want to hire. If you want to use Facebook to attract employers, you need to customize your profile for receiving the maximum benefits. To keep up a professional image, you need to include only those groups, photos and information that employers will be looking for. Create your profile on Facebook right away and fill it out completely to attract employers’ attention.

Fans & Groups
Most of the large and potential employers are on Facebook. Prepare a list of your targeted employers and search for their Facebook pages. Once you have located similar groups and company profiles, you can join them or become a fan of their pages. It is an excellent way to attract the attention of company’s hiring managers and get your way in for finding jobs.

Jobseekers must be advised that networking is a powerful tool to find jobs. According to a recent survey, around 70%-80% job positions are filled via professional contacts or references. And Facebook offers a great opportunity to network with industry professionals, co-workers and colleagues. If you spend some time networking with influential people and continue to expand your network of contacts, you can definitely use Facebook for receiving valuable job information. First of all, you need to keep your contacts informed that you are in search of a job. Network with people who can help you find a job with the employers you have targeted.

Current Employees
If you targeted a specific employer, you can easily search for people who are currently employed in that company. For locating employees, you can first find the list of employee names and then search for their Facebook profiles in Google. Send friend request to these employees and add them to your list of contacts. Current employees of a specific company can provide you essential information on current job vacancies.

Turn your Facebook account into a portfolio of your work. Upload your work related information in your account including blog posts, photos and professional organizations you are associated with. If you want to attract employers’ attention for finding a job, you need to include information related to your work or industry you serve.

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