7 Unique College Campus Tours for Prospective Students

Do you like going on college campus tours? Well, there are multiple colleges that offer unique campus tour to attract prospective students. These tours prove to be memorable visits for students who choose to set off on these unique tours around the college campus.

Given below are seven unique college campus tours for prospective students –

#1. Brigham Young University
Located in Provo, Utah, the university offers one of the most memorable campus tours for students. The university provides tour guides who will show you around and know more about the various departments and buildings inside the campus.

#2. Alfred University
The university is located in Alfred, N.Y. The university offers wonderful campus tours around the university campus. The campus tours are offered to both prospective students as well as their families. There is a special conference bike to take the tour around the campus.

#3. Eckerd College
Situated in St Petersburg, Florida, Eckerd College offers an exciting campus tour for prospective students and families. The tour is conducted along the Boca Ciega Bay, which is just next to the college campus. The liberal arts college attracts students for its marine science programs.

Apart from a tour along the Boca Ciega Bay, Eckerd College also offers visitors campus tours by its yellow campus bikes. Walking campus tours are also available. However, yellow campus bike tours help visitors cover the 188 acre college campus faster.

#4. Ohio State University
This is one of the largest universities in the country. The university offers Columbus campus tours with a limited capacity of 15 people. Visitors are provided with chocolate candies and peanut butter to sample during the college campus tour.

#5. Birmingham Southern College
The college features a 200-acre campus. GEM cars are used to take prospective students and families on the unique campus tour. The campus tour on GEM cars is different from a regular walking tour in the way that it takes tourists to some unseen parts of the liberal arts college campus.

#6. West Virginia University
The university offers a 3-hour long campus tour, which can be either a walking tour or bus tour. During the tour, visitors get to see the university’s three campuses. The tour also includes an information session for visitors.

#7. California Polytechnic State University
The university offers a self-guided tour around its campus for prospective students. A GPS Ranger with maps and videos is available to take this campus tour.


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