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How to Find Your First Job

No matter whether you are a teenager or older, you will definitely need to prepare yourself for a successful job search. And when it is your first job you need to do more preparation to increase your chances of getting hired. You will need to accumulate all the information that could help enhance your resume. Considering little or no work experience in case of a first job, you will need to include experiences in volunteering, babysitting and other similar kinds of work experiences. And it won’t really matter whether you received a paycheck for doing these jobs or not.

It is important for students and first time jobseekers that it may take some time (particularly because you do not have previous work experience) to land your first job. Given below are some important tips on conducting your first job search and successfully find it.

Be Persistent
Being persistent means you have to follow-up with the employer or the hiring manager after waiting for a few days of applying for a job. If you applied for your first job in person, you should meet the hiring manager once again to enquire about the opportunity. Let the hiring manager be informed that you are really interested in the job opportunity.

Don’t Stop
Since you have applied for a job for the first time does not mean you have to sit idle at home waiting for the telephone bell to ring. Apply for as many jobs as possible to increase your chances of landing one.

Be Flexible
Do not become the applicant who is available only for a limited number of hours. Be flexible with your working hours while applying for your first job. Applicants who are flexible to work any number of hours have greater chances of finding a job compared to those who are available only during selected work hours.

Leverage Your Connections
You will definitely enhance your chances of finding your first job if you are ready to use your connections including your family, friends and relatives. Suppose your mom regularly visits a drug store where you would like to work. Have your mom mention to the store manager or hiring manager that you are actually looking for a job.

Dress Professionally

Since it is your first job, it does not mean you need to dress casually while visiting the employer. If you are applying for your first job at a store, go and visit the store to have an idea about the appropriate dressing clothes of the employees. This will give you a fair idea about how to dress appropriately when you visit the store to apply for a job.

Don’t Give Up
Since you carry little or no experience, it will definitely take some time before you find one. Therefore, do not be discouraged after being rejected one or more times. Just keep applying for as many jobs as possible. Remember, you future career will always begin with that first job you are looking for.


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What to Avoid During an Online Job Search

To become successful in your online job search, you need to know useful methods and techniques. With billions and billions of jobs listed on job boards, it is truly a hard task to find job information that you are actually looking for. Given below are some of the important tips for online jobseekers to make them well informed of what to avoid while searching for jobs online.

Using Broad Terms
While conducting your online job search, one of the most important things to remember is to avoid using broad terms like ‘accountants’, ‘teachers’ etc. Searching for these terms would return thousands of jobs. This will make your work really harder. And not more than 5% of these jobs will be relevant to what job position you are actually searching for.

Searching for Job Titles
Jobseekers should also avoid searching for job titles during an online job search. For example, searching for ‘administration’ will return several admin jobs, which can be anything. These jobs will be less relevant to your previous job profile. Instead, you can search for specific skills which can be used for a number of jobs. When you search for skills, you can get information on jobs where your specific skills are high in demand.

Sticking to one Industry
Jobseekers must also be advised not to conduct their online job search sticking to just one industry. Skills can be transferable and they can be applied across a range of industries. If you stick to one industry, you won’t be able to find the right job opportunities.

Not Refining Job Searches
Many job sites will return jobs that are outdated and may not be of any use to jobseekers. If you get the same job ads again and again, that means you really need to refine your online job search. Use current time frames to get up to date job advertisements. Remember to use excluders that can refine your job search and return results to your actual requirements.

Online Job Search Hazards
While conducting an online job search, jobseekers may face some search hazards like badly written job advertisements and classified type job ads. Most of the job advertisements lack useful information. Most of the recruitment agencies do not put enough detail about a particular job position. Therefore, jobseekers should be able to keep away from such search hazards.

Job searches are also cluttered with classified type job ads. These ads do not have anything than just the job title. Unless these are local jobs, they are a complete waste of the jobseeker’s time. Jobseekers should keep in mind all these hazards and keep away from them to become successful with their online job search and get information that they are actually searching for.


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Top 5 Reasons for Considering a Community College

Choosing the right college can be quite a tough decision. Students need to choose a college depending on their educational requirements and financial status. Four year residential colleges are not always the right choice, as they can be very expensive. Students also need to consider some hidden costs that may arise during college education. Depending on specific requirements, a community college is sometimes a better option for candidates. Students are, however, advised to also keep in mind the hidden costs of community colleges.

1. Money
Community college education is a lot cheaper in comparison to education expenses at private or public four year colleges. If you have less cash available and do not have test scores to qualify for an educational aid program, getting enrolled in a community college can save you a lot of money. That does not mean you should avoid going to four year colleges completely. There are several four year colleges that can offer you excellent financial aid to pursue your careers.

2. Weak Grades
You do not need to get discouraged if you do not carry a GPA to qualify. Do not let weak grades or weak test scores prevent you from pursuing a career of your choice. Community colleges offer students open admissions. Attending a community college provides you with an excellent opportunity to develop your academic skills and prove yourself as a serious student.

3. Work or Family Obligations
Considering a community college also brings you flexible schedule. Rarely will you be able to fulfill family or work obligations if you plan to attend a four year college. On the other hand, you can attend a community college for taking courses in the evenings and at weekends. Four year colleges would rarely offer you such kind of flexibility.

4. Your Career Does Not Require a Bachelor’s Degree
There are several career options that do not require you to complete a bachelor’s degree program. Depending on the career choice you make, you need to know whether you want to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program. If a bachelor degree is not required for your career, you can always consider going to a community college that offer a host of certifications and associate degree programs. Even if you need to complete some specialization courses, community colleges happen to be a better choice.

5. You Are Not Sure about Attending College
There are many students who are confused deciding whether they want to go to a college. For these students, community colleges can be quite a good option to consider. By going to a community college, these students can take some college level courses rather than spending a lot of money and committing to several years of your life at four year colleges. While attending a community college, you will have time to experiment and decide what you actually like.

Attending a community college is not only an easy way to develop your academic skills, but it is also a smart decision that students can make. You can easily find a community college within driving distance. In this way, you can also live at home and save a lot of money. So, as you can see, you have several reasons to consider a community college.


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4 Essential Tips for Great Customer Service Skills

For any job, where you need to interact with clients, you will require great customer service skills. Acquiring this essential job skill can lead to a successful career. Dealing with customers is not an easy task. Nor is it too tough for people who are ready to learn this art. You need to keep several important things in mind while dealing with customers.

Given below are some essential tips for great customer service skills –

Focusing on the first impression
You must have heard about first impressions and how important they can be. While interacting with customers, you need to make a strong first impression to make it a lasting impression on their minds. To achieve success, you need to do everything within your power to make a great impression. Remember, the rest of interaction you do with a customer will depend on how you interact with them in your first chance of meeting them.

Right from the beginning of interaction, you need to understand the potential of a first meeting. And there’s no doubt that respect begets respect. Appropriate treatment with customers can really make a big difference in your business dealings.

Determining the Customers’ Requirements
It should be your continuous effort to understand the requirements of the customer. Knowing what they want and fulfilling those requirements will make all the difference. Many times, you will need to deal with angry customers. If the angry customer wants to vent to someone, allow them the space to do so. If you think you are capable of handling the situation yourself, settle the situation yourself. At the same try to understand what the customer actually wants. Try to help the customers and fulfill their requirements to keep things going.

Defusing Angry Customers
While interacting with customers, you also need to learn the art of handling angry customers. In case, you are faced with an angry customer, it is of utmost importance to find out the reason. Listen patiently to the customer’s complaint and figure out how to solve the problem. Also be ready to take charge of the entire situation rather than giving excuses. Offer helping the angry customer and tell them you will resolve the problem. Be down-to-earth in your interaction with angry customers and avoid asking too many questions in these situations.

Helping Customers with Unusual Requests
During customer interaction, you will come across situation where you will be asked to help customers with unusual requests, outside the business. Under these situations, it is not wise to say a complete ‘No’. Instead you need to use the situation to your benefit. Consider helping the customer rather than denying their requests only because it is outside the norms. If you can help the customer with an unusual request, you will really strengthen your bond with them for future.


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