10 Fastest Growing Jobs Through to 2018

This is time again to focus on potential job opportunities, as the dismal job market of 2009 almost comes to a close. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected fastest growth for 10 jobs through to the year 2018. Over the next decade, job opportunities will be plentiful for professions including biomedical engineer jobs, registered nurses jobs and home health aides.

So, are you ready to make the most of these fastest growing job opportunities? Let’s begin focusing on these top 10 jobs again and enhance our chances of landing jobs.

List of top 10 jobs that will show the fastest growth

Job #1. Biomedical Engineers
Job #2. Registered Nurses
Job #3. Network System/ Data Communications Analyst
Job #4. Home Health Aide
Job #5. Personal & Home Care Aide
Job #6. Financial Examiner
Job #7. Medical Scientist
Job #8. Physician Assistant
Job #9. Customer Service Representative
Job #10. Food Preparation & Service Workers

According to Peter Morici, international business professor at the University of Maryland, said that jobseekers will have abundant job opportunities in the field of healthcare. Finance and technology are the other sectors that will show fastest growth in job opportunities.

According to Morici, some of the above mentioned top 10 jobs will either require fewer skills while others would need candidates to possess advanced educational qualification. He further advised jobseekers that latter should also be prepared to make the most of job opportunities that are related to the above mentioned fastest growing professions.

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  2. Thanks, it was bothering me that I couldn’t get this to work right. Thank you again!

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