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Are You Ready to Beat Job Search Blues?

Searching for jobs and landing one can prove to be quite hectic. Considering the stiff competition of the job market, jobseekers need to be very smart and quick. An extended period of unemployment affects both professional and personal life. Job search blues affect all at some point or the other. It is good to have confidence of finding a new job after a lay off or a job loss. What is important is that jobseekers should be equipped with essential tips to beat job search blues.

There are many who thought finding a new job would be easy, but they had to weight for months till they finally managed to land a new job. Given below are some important tips to help you tackle the situation with effectiveness.

Finding a job is actually a full time job
If you do not want to face the agony of an extended period of unemployment, you should take a job search as a full time job. Jobseekers should not, therefore, waste time after they have been given a lay off. Right after you have a job loss, you should get busy finding a new job before it is too late.
Volunteering for a noble cause
Nobody can underestimate the potential of volunteering activities. Whether you are employed or not, volunteering will always bring you a lot of benefits, bringing you real world experience for your professional career. Suppose, you have been unemployed for 7-8 months after a job lay off or a job loss, how you will handle the interview question: What have you been doing since you lost your job? Being busy volunteering will enable you to answer this question well. You can always reply the interviewer by saying : I have been volunteering. It provides me with the opportunity of serving people. 

Beating Discouragement or Depression
An extended period of job loss also causes discouragement for jobseekers. Before the feeling of being depressed crosses its limit, you should be ready to deal with it effectively. While searching for jobs, you should also try to keep yourself busy doing a variety of activities. If you choose to do the same thing the entire day, it might discourage you and cause depression. Indulge yourself in different activities to stay positive till you finally land a new job.

Leave no stone unturned
There are multiple resources that you can use to help yourself with your job search. Jobseekers should be ready to make use of as many resources as possible. Whether it is major job boards, region specific job websites, your network of friends or any other similar source, you should be ready to use each resource to find a new job as soon as possible. In case, you are unable to find a full time job, you can also try to find part time job opportunities as soon as a desired job opportunity knocks your door.


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10 Fastest Growing Jobs Through to 2018

This is time again to focus on potential job opportunities, as the dismal job market of 2009 almost comes to a close. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected fastest growth for 10 jobs through to the year 2018. Over the next decade, job opportunities will be plentiful for professions including biomedical engineer jobs, registered nurses jobs and home health aides.

So, are you ready to make the most of these fastest growing job opportunities? Let’s begin focusing on these top 10 jobs again and enhance our chances of landing jobs.

List of top 10 jobs that will show the fastest growth

Job #1. Biomedical Engineers
Job #2. Registered Nurses
Job #3. Network System/ Data Communications Analyst
Job #4. Home Health Aide
Job #5. Personal & Home Care Aide
Job #6. Financial Examiner
Job #7. Medical Scientist
Job #8. Physician Assistant
Job #9. Customer Service Representative
Job #10. Food Preparation & Service Workers

According to Peter Morici, international business professor at the University of Maryland, said that jobseekers will have abundant job opportunities in the field of healthcare. Finance and technology are the other sectors that will show fastest growth in job opportunities.

According to Morici, some of the above mentioned top 10 jobs will either require fewer skills while others would need candidates to possess advanced educational qualification. He further advised jobseekers that latter should also be prepared to make the most of job opportunities that are related to the above mentioned fastest growing professions.

If you are confused deciding which career is right for you, Take a Free Career Test Now to know your strengths, skills and abilities and make a right career decision.


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Top 10 Work at Home Jobs

The good news is that there is no dearth of work-at-home or work-from-home jobs. Due to their own specific requirements and preferences, many people choose to work from the comfort of their home. Differet types of work at home jobs pay differently. The best part about these jobs is that you work around your own schedules and you are your own ‘boss’. If you are interested in these types of jobs, given below are top 10 work at home jobs.

Blogging is not just a wonderful activity, it is also one of the most sought after work at home job opportunity. If you are determined to provide continuous effort, you can always avail the opportunity of maintaining your own blog and earning from it. On the other hand, there are multiple blogger jobs available on the internet as well.

Virtual Assistant
Today, there are many businesses that hire virtual assistants. The job responsibilities of these assistants include writing emails, making sales of products and services and other similar tasks that the boss do not want to do. You can perform all these duties from the comfort of your home.

If you like listening and have good language skills, a transcriptionist job is a good work from home opportunity for you. The responsibility is to listen to some audio and then transcribe the same. Excellent language skills are essential for doing this job from home.

Data Entry Clerk
Data entry clerks or data entry operators are quite much in demand. If you have good typing speed, you can choose this job to do from the comfort of your home. There are several types of data entry work available on the internet.

Copy Editor
If you have what it takes to fret over a comma or an apostrophe, a copy editor’s job can also be one of the top work at home jobs for you to do. If you have some prior experience in this field, you will have plenty of job opportunities.

Lawyers have a wide range of tasks to perform. To assist them with some of the work, they need assistants known as paralegals. Working as a paralegal, you can perform tasks like preparing briefs, typing up letters etc.

Graphic Designer
The field of graphic designing offers one of the finest work at home job opportunities. If you are well versed with design software like Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDraw, you will find lots of work in graphic designing to complete from home.

Another popular work at home job opportunity is working as an accountant. There are many businesses that get their accounting work outsourced. So, you can complete the task sitting at your own home.

Call Center Employee
Do you have a high-speed internet connection and a pleasing voice? Well, you may find work at home job as a call center employee. There are many companies that outsource these types of jobs. If you are looking for work at home opportunities, this job can be a good opportunity.

Teach a Skill
If you are on the look out for work from home jobs, you can also choose to earn an income from teaching a skill that you possess. If you have the required skills like cooking and language teaching among others, you can offer to provide training online.

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Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

A bachelor’s degree is the least educational requirement that prepares you to start a career as a mechanical engineer. If you are really keen to enter the field of engineering and technology, you will need to obtain a bachelor’s degree at the minimum. Since there are multiple fresh jobs in this field, employers are always on the look out for candidates who possess a bachelor degree.

The bachelor degree program trains and prepares students in the application of mathematical and scientific principles using which these engineers develop and design a wide range of mechanical systems and machines that produce energy. However, to obtain research level positions in universities and colleges or for other senior level positions, candidates would need either a master’s or a doctoral degree in mechanical engineering.

Requirement of Mechanical Engineers
With the growing population and the advancement in technology, automobiles are increasing in number as well as they are using more sophisticated technology. Mechanical engineers are in continuous demand by the automotive repair industry to perform the routine check up, repair and maintenance of a wide variety of vehicles.

Degree Specifications
A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering takes 4 to 5 years to complete. To acquire the state licensure, candidates will need to enroll into a bachelor’s degree program which has received the accreditation of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Besides completing the accredited bachelor’s degree, candidates will need to clear two state level examinations – Fundamentals of Engineering Exam and the Principles and Practices of Engineering Examination.

The coursework for a mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree includes –

Construction Site Survey
Engineering Software
Principles of Thermodynamics
Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Dynamics
Hydraulics and Pneumatics
Mechanism Design (including kinematics and design)
Physical Science
Technological Engineering Practices
Material Engineering
Instrumentation & Measurement
Drafting, CAD & CAM

Recommended universities in the US to earn your Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering

1.University of Arizona
2.Michigan State University
3.San Diego State University
4.California Polytechnic State
5.Oklahoma State University
6.Western Michigan University
7.University of Minnesota
8.San Jose State University
9.University of Central Florida
10.Arizona State University

Today, candidates can also choose to earn their mechanical engineering degrees online. Whether you enroll into a bachelor’s degree online or via campus mode, it is always advisable for candidates to go through the course details and ensure that the bachelor degree program is approved and accredited by the state governing bodies. An accredited degree in mechanical engineering will prepare you to sit for the state licensing examination as well as reward you with a successful career as a mechanical engineer.


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Career Success Tip: Track Your Accomplishments

When you achieve a target or accomplish something that brings profit to your company, you can not just give yourself a pat on the back. For instance, you acquired a new client through your inspired speech. Or you created spreadsheets that helped a lot in boosting the bottom line. Will you only give yourself a pat on the back and then forget these achievements. Not at all! To achieve career success, you need to record every single accomplishment or every small goal that you achieved. 

By keeping a record of your achievements, you can let others in the workplace know what difference you can make to the organization. Your co-workers will identify you through your work and achievements. This will be a part of your self promotion campaign. In today’s tough workplace, it has become utmost essential that you document your value to your boss or the employer.

Given below are some important tips to help you track your accomplishments –

Record it immediately
One of the most important things to remember while you start tracking your accomplishments is that you record them immediately as they occur. By recording the achievements immediately, you can easily record all the details while they are fresh in your memory.

Get it in writing
If you can gather some evidence about what you accomplished, there can be nothing better than that. Though verbal praise makes you feel nice, a written email or a written note would serve as an evidence of what you accomplished or achieved.

Quantify your achievements
It is also advisable to record your accomplishments in concrete terms. Try to get the figures and quantifiable terms that speak of your achievements louder. For instance, recording ‘landed a new client’ would carry no weight as compared to ‘landed new client bringing $48,000 to the company in the year 2010’. Therefore, always try to record your achievements in quantifiable terms.

Create a career portfolio
You must have heard artists creating their portfolio of best artwork. What about creating your own career portfolio to present it to organizations and employers? You can use the career portfolio for multiple benefits. For example, a career portfolio can help your negotiate the best salary and can be presented at interviews to set you apart from other candidates.

Tracking you achievements is essential to getting career success. Whether it is an interview, your resume, salary negotiation or a performance review, a record of your accomplishments can be effectively used for many career benefits.

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How to Become a Financial Advisor

The Money Magazine has ranked the job of a financial advisor at #3 among the best jobs in America. So, there is no doubt that a financial advising career is one of the most rewarding careers for aspiring candidates. Though the financial advisor’s job is a much profitable career option, it brings work challenges as well. Professionals continuously try to reach their targets while working with a range of clients. Financial advisors are responsible offer expert advice to clients regarding bonds, stocks, mutual funds and other investment strategies.

Depending on their individual preferences and experience, financial advisors may also choose to have job specialization. For example, some of these professionals work with individual clients. On the other hand, there are advisors that specialize in working with business clients.

Educational Qualification
To kick-start a career in financial advising, candidates will need to have a bachelor’s degree. If you want to remain competitive in this field and want to gain an extra edge over others, you should consider obtaining an MBA degree. One important thing to note here is that the compensation will be provided on the basis of your work performance rather than your academic excellence.

Depending on the state where you work, you will need to fulfill some licensure requirements as well. To become certified, candidates need to pass the state level examination offered by FINRA. To be able to sit for this Series 7 examination, you need to fulfill the continuing education requirements. In addition, a FINRA member (your employer) must also sponsor you to enable you to take the Series 7 examination.

Job Duties
As mentioned above, financial advisors work with a wide range of clients offering advise to fulfill their individual investment needs. While counseling clients, they need to consider a specific client’s needs and goals. To perform their job duties efficiently, advisors need to keep abreast of all the latest development in the financial market, monitor clients’ investment portfolio and come up with new investment strategies for their clients. Besides having the relevant degree, financial advisors also need to possess some essential skills including excellent people skills, communication skills, decision making ability, capability to handle time pressure etc. In addition, advisors also need to be prepared to handle failure and know how to deal with dissatisfied clients.

Salary Range
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of financial advisors was around $66,000 in May, 2006. Actually, the compensation of these advisors is based on the commission that clients pay. Advisors who possess extensive work experience can work up to $100,000 or more annually. The annual salary of financial advisors can go up to $145,000.

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Career Changing Tips

It definitely takes a lot of courage while changing careers. Not anyone and everyone can change careers. While you change careers, you should be aware of whether it is a right decision or a wrong one. The career change decision must be taken considering the current job market, trends and employment situation. It is not always a right decision while you step up to change careers. A number of things must be taken into account. Given below are some of the most important tips and suggestions that will help you understand how you should change careers.

• Focus on Your Talents & Strengths
• Conduct Research
• Check Out Transferable Skills
• Go Back to School to Obtain Required Certification/Training
• Make Use of Your Professional Network

It is very essential to find out whether you are really in need of a career change. As a jobseeker or a mid career changer, you should be well equipped to analyze the situation and make a well informed decision. It requires careful consideration of a number of factors when you switch careers. Most of the times, many of us seem to very much afraid of changing a career. Why do many of us continue with the same job for years and years even after it has stopped serving us? Career opportunities are always available out there. Job trends keep changing, because change is the only thing which is permanent in this world. Whenever, we look to change careers, we should never be apprehensive about it. All that we need to do is assess the circumstances, analyze and then make a well informed decision.

In a nutshell, all we need to make sure is whether or not a career change decision is a right one under the prevailing conditions at a particular point of time.


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How to Become an Anthropologist

The study of anthropology deals with human relationships, linguistics, ways of life and the physical characteristics of people. Becoming an anthropologist is the right career path for candidates who have a strong passion for understanding and explaining the socio-cultural behavior of human beings across the world. In the year 2008, around 6,000 anthropologists and archeologists were employed in the United States. Read on to know the job responsibilities, educational requirements and career prospects in the field of anthropology.

Job Responsibilities
Anthropologists play an important role in increasing the awareness about similar and diverse human behavior in response to the challenges societies bring. They help societies to promote the understanding among people of various backgrounds across boundaries. Through their research and explanation, they provide effective solutions to a wide range of human problems as well.

The main job responsibility of anthropologists is to study human societies the world over. They perform their study with regard to legal system, political system, religion, language, education, healthcare etc. In simpler words, they conduct extensive researches on the lifestyle and cultures of people from a variety of backgrounds and spheres of life.

Educational Requirements
A master’s degree in anthropology is the minimum educational qualification required to become an anthropologist. Those who aspire to occupy research level jobs in universities and colleges need to obtain a doctoral degree in anthropology.

Job Skills
Since anthropologists will be collaborating on research and getting in touch with people of a variety of cultures, they should possess excellent communicative skills, both verbal and written. Perseverance, interpersonal skills and interviewing skills are other key requirements to make the most of your anthropologist career.

Employment Opportunities
Plenty of job opportunities await candidates in the field of anthropology. Job opportunities for anthropologists are available with universities, colleges, museums, tourism departments, town planning, social work, law enforcement, healthcare, communication journalism etc. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a faster employment growth rate for anthropology jobs through to the year 2018. Those who possess a master’s degree and relevant working experience will benefit from excellent employment opportunities. Anthropologists can also become self employed providing their own consultancy services, the job position being termed consultant anthropologist.

Annual Salary
Salaries of anthropologists will depend on the educational qualification, working experience, work location and the nature and size of the employer. In the year 2008, anthropologists earned a median annual salary of $53,910. As you acquire more work experience and obtain advanced qualifications, you can earn a higher salary.

Read the Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition

Apply for Jobs in Anthropology


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How to Write Quality Scholarship Essays

Depending on the variety of backgrounds students may come from, writing the perfect essays for scholarships can be a quite difficult task for many. For example, students who come from computer background may not be able to write quality essays required for scholarships. So, in order to write really perfect scholarship essays, you need to be equipped with some essential tips. If you know how to go about writing these essays, what to include and how to give it a perfect ending, you can find yourself quite prepared to write scholarship essays that are not only quality ones but also provide you with a competitive edge over other students applying for a specific scholarship.

Pick an appealing topic for the essay
First and foremost, you need pick a topic which is really interesting. Yes, while applying for scholarships, you may also be given a predefined topic. In any case, you can equip yourself with the following essay tips and go on writing, increasing the chances of writing a quality scholarship essay.

Focus your writing on a major achievement
The whole idea is to make a lasting impression on the reader of the essay. So, you can focus on your major achievements and accomplishments. Focus on an achievement that sets you apart from other candidates and impresses the reader. And remember, it should be a major achievement and not just any accomplishment.

Include important initiative or volunteering work
Judges on the scholarship board like candidates that have taken some kind of important initiative towards the growth of the community. Is there any volunteering activity that you have done in the past. Did you help people start a club? Were you (or are you) involved in some kind of volunteering to help less fortunate kids? Ask yourself questions like these and try to find out important events where you took action. Including such an even in your essay will increase the quality of your writing as well as impress the scholarship judges as well.

Mention obstacle (and how you overcame it) in your essay
Do you remember any hurdle in your life that you overcame? People face different difficult situations and circumstances in life. While writing the essay, you can mention how you managed to over those difficulties or obstacles in life. Writing about such an obstacle and how you got over it increases the quality of your essay to a great extent and makes you a deserving candidate for the scholarship you are applying for.

Research on the topic
Do remember to do complete research on the topic you are writing on. Also practice writing more and more essays revolving around the topics and points you want to cover while writing the essay. Quality always matters. Therefore, do not run after quantity. Try to write quality essays rather than writing a scholarship essay which is more in quantity.

Keep in mind the target audience (scholarship judges)
Step into the reader’s shoes while writing the essay. Write the scholarship essay for the target audience. After the reader has read your essay, they must say, ‘Wow, the candidate really deserves the essay.’ Write an essay which sets you apart from the crowd. Use your creativity, write to be different and a deserving candidate. What approach you take and how you write is going to make all the difference. And the readers are definitely going to notice your essay and you.

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Getting Ready to Work Overseas

A lot of candidates plan to find volunteering opportunities and work overseas. Considering the fierce competition of the job market, it is essential for jobseekers to do the preparation beforehand. Preparing yourself to work overseas in advance and finding jobs internationally will require practice and planning. First of all, it is important to know what essential areas you need to focus on to ready yourself.

Five important areas you need to concentrate on to get ready for working overseas include –

1. Practical preparation
Practical preparation refers to addressing practical issues. These will include getting health validation, acquiring work visa, passports, customs requirements, checking the medications, criminal and legal checks and embassy information. You need to ensure you complete each of these appropriately so as to avoid any future discrepancies.

2. Having plenty of advance time
Whether you want to volunteer or find work overseas, it is important to have plenty of time in advance. The work culture would certainly vary depending on the country you are going to work in. There are some foreign countries where bureaucracy can be a problem for jobseekers. If your work project overseas will take more than a year, you need to start preparing a year in advance. In case the work project is of less duration (under a year), preparation needs to start 6-12 months in advance.

3. Creating checklists
Use the benefits of creating checklists to the fullest. Preparing a checklist of things you are going to need overseas will ensure you do not miss out on any important task or thing. Whether it is an issue that you need to address or a thing you need to do overseas, you need to include all the essential things in the checklist. Get all the things on the list done one by one.

4. Raising the required fund
Whether it is about volunteering or working overseas, you will need to raise the fund. Calculate the cost that it will involve. Traveling along with a family member will increase the cost strikingly. Consider all the aspects of your journey and working or volunteering overseas. For raising money, you can use resources like friends, family members, neighbors, local churches, businesses, community service groups and newspaper publicity.

5. Getting ready for the culture
Visiting a foreign country to work will also add a lot to your education and experience. Therefore, you should be ready for the cross-country culture you are going to experience. While in a foreign country, never ever try to make assumptions or challenge the cultural norms. Do your research in advance and gain an insight into the culture you are going to be a part of. While working overseas, always pay respect to the local culture, customs and traditions.

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