3 Important Tips for Improving Your Online Career Portfolio

The online career portfolio of an individual happens to be the public face to employers. It is through your portfolio that employers and clients will perceive your work. Creating and improving your online portfolio requires much attention. To represent you work and yourself effectively, given below are some important tips to follow.

Tip #1: The Layout of Your Online Portfolio
Most of the people do not actually realize the true value of an online career portfolio. You need to put a lot of effort into creating it. One of the most important tips to follow is the appropriateness of your career portfolio. The choice of material for the portfolio should be done keeping the specific goals in mind. It is really a difficult decision as to what you should include and what should be left out. Include material which is relevant. Anything which is not relevant to your goals should be left out.

Excessive material in your online portfolio is a complete no-no. Keep your portfolio concise and attention grabbing. Including too much material will only distract the reader’s attention. No one would like to plow through loads of irrelevant information. The page should be named ‘Portfolio Page’. At the same time, the layout should be plain and simple, so that readers do not need to guess or think where to click to find the information.

Tip #2: Choice of Content
While putting the content, you need to keep your target audience in mind. It is important to remember that people who will view your career portfolio online include employers, clients, industry experts and business professionals. Step into the employer’s shoes to think what they will look for in your work portfolio. Include skills, talents and abilities that industry experts will look for to know about your work. The content of your portfolio will include both text and images. Upload images that add value to your portfolio and represent your career goals. Keep the standard of the content quite professional.

Tip #3: Don’ts of Online Career Portfolio
While creating your career portfolio and presenting it online, you need to remember things that you should not do. Do not include any material online that creates a cheap impression your work. Do not use materials that are dated. Do not just post anything online. Ensure that the material is flawless before you put it online. Do not club your portfolio material with other materials. It will only confuse the readers and distract their attention.

By following the 3 important tips mentioned above, you can create a flawless and entirely relevant portfolio which represents your work in the most effective and precise manner. An online career portfolio created in this way will attract the reader’s (employer’s, client’s, employer’s, industry expert’s) attention and add value to the material. And therefore, you will increase the chances of landing job interviews and get hired.


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