Mastering the Art of Team Building

Today, employers are focusing more and more on garnering the benefits of employee team building. According to researches, over 80 per cent of employers emphasize on team work, in some way or the other. Even for jobseekers, it has become utmost important to have excellent team building skills to enhance productivity and work efficiency in the workplace. It is a proven fact that employees working as a team generate more productivity and better solutions, as compared to employees where there are no team building skills.

Given below are some important tips on how to work in a team and how to develop team building skills to achieve success.

Fostering open communication
How do we create best work teams? A best team is created through fostering open communication. It means that every member who is in the team has the freedom to express their personal views and opinions. The decision making process carries more significance when it is not based on dictatorship. When we work in a team, we should always be ready to everyone’s opinions. The best team is that where people have the liberty to talk freely and respect one another’s viewpoints and thoughts.

Building trust
Trust is the building stone of all best teams. Where there is no trust among one another, there is no team. Every member of the work team should trust another member of the team. It is trust that binds together people who work as a team. If you wish to build a team that generates productivity, start building trust within the team.

Reviewing Progress
When a work team has started working towards a common goal, it is also essential to review the progress. There should be regular reviewing and check ups to find out how the team is performing. By doing a regular review, the team can also focus on where the lack in their spirit or task and remove the obstacles that prevent them from being successful.

Encouraging co-operation, not competition
Another important factor that guarantees the success of a team is collaboration or co-operation. Co-workers may compete to get the next promotion. However, this competition should never replace the collaboration that occurs among team members. Remember, you will have enough time highlight your personal achievements. But, if the collaboration is not there, you can never have the best work team.

Celebrating diversities
In the workplace, you will come across with a variety of people, hailing from multiple backgrounds, castes and communities. It is this diversity of people that will lead to coming up with new thoughts and ideas. Therefore, do not look at the diversity of people in a negative way. Instead, be ready to celebrate the differences and work like a best team.

Clarifying responsibilities to the team
Inefficiency in a team is caused mainly due to the fact that most of members in the team do not completely understand their responsibilities. It is extremely important for every member of the team to understand their roles clearly. Another important thing to remember here is that when a project is given, each member should held themselves equally responsible for the completing the task efficiently.


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