Offbeat Ways to Pay for College

Students and parents really have a tough time when it comes to paying for college. You may have tried different ways and methods to find money for college. You may have also tried for different types of college student scholarship programs. Many times students exhaust the means that are available to them. Under these circumstances where you have exhausted the obvious means, you need to think some ways which are out of the box. Given below are some out-of-the-box ideas that can really help you find money for your college tuition. Have a look.

Attend a College that offers a Co-op Program
It is a good idea to go to a co-op college if are looking for ways to pay for college. These schools provide students full time work as part of their curriculum. They offer co-op semesters which needs to be completed by students in order to graduate. Therefore, students who work full time for the semester can save money to pay for the next semester’s bill.

Attend a College that offers Free Tuition
Well, you might just not be aware that there are colleges that offer tuition for their students. A tuition free college education can really help students who are worried about how to pay for college. One excellent example for tuition-free colleges is the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. Similarly, there are other colleges that offer education at reduced costs. Students need to do some research and find such colleges where they can continue their education without worrying about the college tuition fees.

Negotiate Your Financial Aid
College student financial aid programs are offered both by the federal government agencies and colleges themselves. In most of the college-based financial aid programs, some parts can be negotiated. It would be a good idea to get in touch with the financial aid counselor as seek some expert advice. Since these counselors deal with such issues on an everyday basis, they can really come with some useful tips and recommendations. Just remember to be honest about the packages that you have got from other schools. Negotiation can be done for increasing merit money.

Attend a Lower-tier School
Great faculties can be found even at smaller schools. It is only that the schools have not yet gained recognition. Such schools that want to improve their caliber look for students who can help them earn reputation. These schools are looking for talented students. If you really want to become a star of the school, you can choose to go to such schools.

Employer Tuition Assistance
Sectors like the retail and technology offer tuition remission as part of the employee perk. There are numerous companies that have the tuition remission benefits for their employees. So, if you are unable to pay for school and worried about it, you can always benefit from this.


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  1. Very good information and tips! It’s very useful for me, thanks for sharing.

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