Questions to Consider When You Start a Job Club

As a jobseeker, you should not have any doubt about the limitless benefits networking brings. One of the finest networking opportunities is available to you in the form of a job club. By joining or starting a job club, you not only bring yourself at a wonderful networking platform but also get a support group. A job club is also referred to as a job finding club or a networking club. Whether you are homemaker wanting to return to work, recent college graduates or a career changer, being associated with a job club can really being you a lot of benefits.

Before you start a job club, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Where should you meet?
If you are really determined to start a job club, there will be no dearth of venues to meet and bring together the members of the club. At the very beginning, you can also decide to meet at member’s residence. If you meet at a member’s house, you can also bring some refreshments and goodies in turn at each meet. If a private home looks short, you can choose to meet at a community hall, local library, place of worship or at a restaurant.

How many members are required to start a job club?
You can start with members counting anywhere between 2 to 30.

How often should club members meet?
It is good to have members meet on a weekly basis. If it is difficult to find a place to conduct the meeting every week, you can also consider having a meeting once a month. To cover the long gap, you can also get in touch virtually and conduct the activities. You can use emails and phones to connect with one another and conduct the activities.

Should some fees be charged?
Fees can be charged only in case there are expenses incurred. For example, if you rent a space for conducting the club activities, you can charge some fees from the club members.

Who should be the leader?
One who has founded the job club can lead the group. Or, the leader can be any club member who has good leadership skills and experience. It is also a good idea to rotate the leadership from one member of the club to another.

What rules and guidelines do you need to set?
Rules should be set as per what members decide. You can also decide to set some formal rules to deal with difficult members, to make sure that discussions are on track. A job club may have some limitations. And the guidelines should be set in the light of requirements.

What activities are conducted at a job club meeting?
There are diverse possibilities and benefits that a job club brings. At the meeting, there can be support groups as well as a think tank. The whole idea behind starting a job club is to share with one another job experiences, job search skills, interviewing skills, career experiences etc.



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