How to Choose Your Fashion School

If you are a fashion savvy and have always liked to maintain your personal style statement, you may consider to kick start a career in fashion design. Your personal style may have gotten you many admirers. But if you are really serious about making a successful career in the fashion industry, you should know how to choose the right fashion school. There are hundreds of fashion schools, colleges and universities across the United States offering degrees both via campus mode and online. By choosing your fashion school rightly, you can enroll into a degree program that provides you with a solid foundation for a successful career in the fashion industry.

Given below are a few essential steps that guide you to choose a fashion school which is right for you.

Step # 1. There are various aspects to fashion design. Before you decide to enroll into a fashion school, you should be aware of your actual passions and interests. You can choose a niche from design, illustration, making clothes, buy and sale of garments etc.

Step # 2. Do some research on your own. Internet is a wonderful platform to perform this research. Also send away for catalogues to have a good knowledge about numerous fashion schools and colleges.

Step # 3. Choose a program that focuses on the area of your interest. Fashion schools may offer a wide range of fashion degree programs and courses. Go through the detailed coursework and find out which degree or course works the best for you. Depending on your specific interests, you can get enrolled in courses like fashion design, textile manufacturing, trend analysis, merchandise marketing etc.

Step # 4. Get in touch with admission advisors and seek expert advice from them on what majors best suit your chosen niche of interest.

Step # 5. It is advisable to spend some time on the campus and get talking to students who have already enrolled in a specific fashion design course. Talk to them on how to choose a fashion school and what important criteria need to be considered while making the choice.

Step # 6
. Build and expand your professional network. Particularly, get in touch with the alumni and find out how their educational qualifications have brought them success.

If you want to make the most of your career in the fashion industry, you should always start with choosing the right fashion school. Some prior research and advance preparation in this regard can really bring you a lot of benefits in your career. Fashion schools have an in-depth knowledge of the best jobs available in the fashion industry.


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  1. Reading this reminds me of my old room mate. That guy was one of the smartest men I know, but he was a little odd for my tastes though. Anyways I liked reading this, thanks. Will give me something to talk about when I see him.

  2. Hi – I want to say thanks for an interesting site about a subject I have had an interest in for a while now. I have been looking in and reading the posts avidly so just wanted to express my gratitude for providing me with some very good reading material. I look forward to more, and taking a more proactive part in the discussions here, whilst learning too!!

  3. Cool blog, good read. thanks.

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