How to Build Your Online Career Brand

If you agree that there is always a better way to do things, you should also agree that there is a better way to find a new job or career. But have your thought about making a career brand for yourself? You may come across several sites where you submit your resume and search for jobs. And you may also waste a lot of time applying for jobs which do not actually exist. However, there are certain tools that can really help you through your job search and build your online career brand. Below, we talk about some of the most useful career branding tools. Have a look.

1. LinkedIn Profile
You must be aware of LinkedIn, a useful business networking site. So, if you are a professional, you are also supposed to have a profile on LinkedIn. The business networking sites offers you with the opportunity of connecting with hundreds (and thousands) of professionals in an area or industry of your interest. Once you have created a profile-cum-resume on this site, you are ready to connect to numerous professionals across the world.

2. Professional Website
If you are willing to create a career brand for yourself, you can also create a professional website. On this website, you can introduce yourself, list of your achievements and key skills to create a career brand and connect with employers. You can buy a domain by your name and also include keyword rich material so as to let employers of a specific industry find you.

3. Twitter Account
If you are a professional and are not aware of Twitter, you must be living on Mars. Twitter has become one of the strongest social networking tools. Creating an account on this site takes just a couple of seconds. And after you have registered on Twitter, you can ‘tweet’ links, messages and ideas and communicate with others. Being a regular, you can develop a good number of followers on Twitter as well as follow the tweets of others. You can choose to follow according to the field or industry of your interest and get useful information.

4. Professional Blog
If you love blogging and are ready to devote some time to writing on a regular basis, a professional blog can prove to one of the most effective tools to develop and make contacts with professionals in a specific industry. Though starting a blog may be quite an easy decision to make, the harder part is to continue publishing posts on the blog. If you are ready to do so, a professional blog can really bring you a lot of job and career benefits. All that matters is that you need to build credibility by writing regularly and establishing your expertise on a subject of your interest.

5. Social Networking Profiles
You can easily find a number of social networking sites on the internet. However, joining each one of them and being an active member on all of them is just not possible. You can select two of the most popular social networking sites and create an account, along with giving your professional information. Facebook is one of the best social networking sites to join to create a career brand for yourself. You can always find people and professionals from your industry and network with them. In this way, you can get a lot of job and career information and also establish your professional identity among your contacts. Here too, you need to be an active member to be successful.

So, are you ready to build and develop your career brand?


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2 responses to “How to Build Your Online Career Brand

  1. I found your blog post while searching Google. Very informative, especially since this is not an issue a lot of people are familiar with…

  2. Have you had problems with spammers? I also use WordPress and I have some nice anti-spam practices; please Email me if you are interested in an exchange of practices.

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