How to Conduct Your Job Search and Stand Out from the Crowd

When a job position is advertised, thousands of job seekers apply for the post. So, how do you plan to stand out from the crowd? To beat out the competition, you need to take your job search as a marketing campaign. As a competitive jobseeker, you are required to locate job positions before they are actually advertised. Marketing your skills and yourself means you have to find out people who can offer you job opportunities.

If you really want to beat out the competition, you can not wait till the employer finds you. You have to reach out to them before they find you. For that to happen, you need to polish your job search skills and make use of variety of resources to help you in the job hunting process. Once you track down those who can hire you, the next important task is to tell them what you are capable of doing. You can then meet them in person, write to them or telephone them to tell what you can do and to market your talents and skills.

When company launches a new product or a new service, it employs a strategic marketing plan. And here you are the product and you have the job of marketing and selling yourself. That is why we say, take up the job search process as a marketing campaign and act accordingly. Develop a plan and put the plan into action. It takes a disciplined approach and strategic planning when it comes to finding a job.

While you conduct the job search, you should also be aware of the different approaches that you can take to make to marketing campaign successful.

Professional networking and referral building
Getting in touch with potential employers directly
Informational interviewing
Employing agencies and recruiters
Searching for specialized job listings
Using help-wanted classifieds

Of all the above listed approaches for job search, the professional networking and referral building approach happens to be the most effective one. It can result into getting you the maximum number of referrals, leads and contacts. Getting in touch with employers directly and using the cold calling method is more likely to result into landing a job.

When it comes to marketing yourself as a product, you should be ready with an action-plan. Developing a job search strategy also needs some research on your own. By devoting some time to this strategic planning and putting in some sincere effort, you can really enable yourself to have a competitive edge over other jobseekers.

So, are you ready to launch yourself?


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  3. Great story, saved the blog for interest to read more!

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