10 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Resume writing is an art. Rather than simply putting information on the resume, you need to craft the resume to make it a most effective advertising copy. You can be a teenager, a mid career changer, a working parent or a fresh career starter – in all these cases, the resume needs to be tailored to specific needs. To make yourself saleable to employers, you need to learn the art of making a perfect resume avoiding mistakes. Yes, while you make a resume, you may make some mistakes that will reduce the chances of your landing interviews. Therefore, you need to be aware of the mistakes that you can make while you sit to write that perfect resume.

I also wrote an article titled ‘How to Improve Your Resume’ and got it published on EzineArticles. The article contains some of the most essential tips and suggestions on how to write a perfect resume. This time, I am going to talk about the mistakes that candidates may make. Some of these resume mistakes are as follows.

Mistake# 1. Lack of Focus
Mistake# 2. Resume is duties-drive rather than accomplishments driven.
Mistake# 3. Listing of resume items is not in the order that would interest the reader.
Mistake# 4. Resume information goes too far back into the jobseekers history.
Mistake# 5. Resume buries important skills and talents.
Mistake# 6. Resume is not bulleted.
Mistake# 7. Resume design is that of an overused resume template.
Mistake# 8. Resume lacks keywords.
Mistake# 9. References are listed directly on the resume.
Mistake# 10. Resume is not available (or is skewed) in other electronic formats.

So, these were the 10 resume mistakes that you need to avoid. In fact resume making is one of the most overlooked aspect of a job strategy. Candidates really need to take the art of resume making seriously and craft a resume that immediately sells you to employers. The whole idea behind writing a resume is to compel the reader of the employer to want to know more about you. For successfully landing interviews, you really learn to need the art.

In many cases where finding a new job takes a longer period than expected, resume mistakes can be one of the major reasons. While searching for jobs, you need to consider every aspect of the job search strategy and do not overlook the power of a well crafted resume.

No. 8 – You may be a little surprised at how or why a resume should also include related keywords. You should be aware that employers place resume in and use keyword searchable databases. So, if you resume has job related keywords, employers can easily find it. These keywords play an important role even when employers search for relevant candidates on third party job posting and resume posting boards on the internet.

So, now that you know about the mistakes that a resume may have, you need to review your resume and craft it in a way that it makes you saleable to employers.

On the blog, I also published a post on ‘Resume writing for Teenagers’. The brief post is accompanied by a video. If you are a teenager, you can have some useful resume writing tips in this post.


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