Counseling Specialties and Types of Counseling

Counseling types, counseling specialties and careers in counseling…

If you are one of those candidates who is looking to make a career in counseling, you should know about various counseling specialties and its types. A counseling career is not limited to just one field but it offers diverse career possibilities. In order to pursue the right career, candidates need to know about the different types of counseling that can lead to different careers. Whichever psychology subfield you choose, you have a number of career options to choose from.

Listed below are some common counseling types –

Guidance and Career Counseling
Marriage and Family Counseling
Rehabilitation Counseling
Mental Health Counseling
Substance Abuse Counseling

It is not necessary to pursue a master’s degree in counseling choosing one of the above mentioned specialties. You will, however, come across many students who have a specialty in their mind before they get enrolled in a master’s degree program. You do not need to be surprised if you end up in an specialty area which you had not given thought earlier.

Unless and until you actually know about the counseling specialty you want to pursue, just go for a counseling degree in a traditional setting. Or choose to enroll into an online counseling degree program which offers a variety of options to choose from.

Besides the counseling types and major specialties mentioned above, there are some more specialties that students can decide to choose from –

Debt Counseling
Child Development Counseling
Eating Disorder Therapy
Grief Counseling
Art Therapy
Musical Therapy

Therefore, if you are looking forward to making a career in counseling, you should keep these counseling types and specialties in mind and choose a degree or training program that provides you with multiple options to select from.


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4 responses to “Counseling Specialties and Types of Counseling

  1. Adenibuyan peter

    I am degree holder in counselling.presently working in drug unit of federal neuro psychiatric hospital.kindly send me update on rehab on substance abuse counselling.thanks
    Adenibuyan peter.

    • careerwatch

      Hello, Adenibuyan!
      Over 9% of the American population seeks treatment for substance abuse. The demand for substance abuse counselors is growing rapidly. In the year 2006, substance abuse counselors in the United States occupied around 76,000 jobs. These counselors earn an annual salary ranging between $28,480 and $45,010. An MA in counseling psychology would be required for advanced career opportunities.

      For more information on substance abuse counseling, keep visiting. I will soon write on this topic.

      Wishing you all the luck in future!

  2. family counseling is of course necessary for the improvment of family relationships ::

  3. Great Web site! I was wondering if I would be able quote a portion of your web page and use a few points for a school assignment. Please let me know through email if its ok or not. Thanks

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