Are You a Workaholic?

If you work for long hours, spend short time at home and get only a few hours of sleep, it is pretty likely that you are a workaholic. You love spending more time in office and even bring some of the office work home. You are unable to go on vacations and meet the friends in your social circle. The only hobby that you have is work. It means you are a workaholic. You immediately need to avoid being a workaholic.

As compared to other nations across the globe, Americans have a work-hard culture. Problem actually arises when you start living to work and more important things like your family and friends are neglected. People in America are spending more and more hours working than they used to do in earlier years. According to a study, 40% people in America do not even bother to go on vacations. Many of these people think that they will probably lose the job if they go on vacations. They have the fear that someone else will replace their positions in the workplace.

Technologically too, we face problems. We live our life in an environment which is constantly connected via e-mails, fax machines, cell phones, digital assistants etc. Therefore, employees or workers can scarcely manage to take some time away from work.

There are financial reasons as well. We become workaholic because we measure success in terms of materialistic pleasures. Most of the Americans find themselves busy doing multiple jobs at one time. They do it to keep their families away from poverty. When we work more and more for financial outcomes, we become workaholic.

There can be other reasons for people becoming workaholic. No matter how we suffer from workaholism, it may lead to the destruction of families and bring a host of health related problems. It is definitely a time for intervention when you start living to work and when the sole purpose of your life is to work. Workaholism can really take its toll on our families and relations.

Working hard and being a workaholic are two different things. Workaholic may not have time for families and relations. However, hardworkers are aware of the boundary line that exists between work and personal time. Therefore, it is essential to detect the signs of workaholism and work towards improving the situation.


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