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How Do You Like Your Work?

People make career change decisions and change jobs when they are dissatisfied with their current job. What’s important is to ask yourself the question whether you will be satisfied with the next job that you take up. Remember, it is only you (and no one else) who will accountable for your job satisfaction. Are you going to create the same dynamics that you did in your current job? So, how are you going to design work that you actually like?

Listed below are a few questions that you need to ask yourself to find out whether a particular situation is a good match for you.

How much autonomy (and community) do you like?
How much approval do you look for to deliver your best?
How much responsibility can you actually handle?
Does the creativity the industry encourages match with your style?
Do you see opportunity and are you ambitious?
What industry do you want to serve?

By answering the above mentioned questions, you can figure out whether a particular situation fits in with your personal values and style. Contentment is never going to be provided to you; you must bring it with you. If you really want to be happy, you must know what you like.

To like your work, you need to be determined about what you are really looking for, how to choose that and stop doing what you hate.

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10 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Resume writing is an art. Rather than simply putting information on the resume, you need to craft the resume to make it a most effective advertising copy. You can be a teenager, a mid career changer, a working parent or a fresh career starter – in all these cases, the resume needs to be tailored to specific needs. To make yourself saleable to employers, you need to learn the art of making a perfect resume avoiding mistakes. Yes, while you make a resume, you may make some mistakes that will reduce the chances of your landing interviews. Therefore, you need to be aware of the mistakes that you can make while you sit to write that perfect resume.

I also wrote an article titled ‘How to Improve Your Resume’ and got it published on EzineArticles. The article contains some of the most essential tips and suggestions on how to write a perfect resume. This time, I am going to talk about the mistakes that candidates may make. Some of these resume mistakes are as follows.

Mistake# 1. Lack of Focus
Mistake# 2. Resume is duties-drive rather than accomplishments driven.
Mistake# 3. Listing of resume items is not in the order that would interest the reader.
Mistake# 4. Resume information goes too far back into the jobseekers history.
Mistake# 5. Resume buries important skills and talents.
Mistake# 6. Resume is not bulleted.
Mistake# 7. Resume design is that of an overused resume template.
Mistake# 8. Resume lacks keywords.
Mistake# 9. References are listed directly on the resume.
Mistake# 10. Resume is not available (or is skewed) in other electronic formats.

So, these were the 10 resume mistakes that you need to avoid. In fact resume making is one of the most overlooked aspect of a job strategy. Candidates really need to take the art of resume making seriously and craft a resume that immediately sells you to employers. The whole idea behind writing a resume is to compel the reader of the employer to want to know more about you. For successfully landing interviews, you really learn to need the art.

In many cases where finding a new job takes a longer period than expected, resume mistakes can be one of the major reasons. While searching for jobs, you need to consider every aspect of the job search strategy and do not overlook the power of a well crafted resume.

No. 8 – You may be a little surprised at how or why a resume should also include related keywords. You should be aware that employers place resume in and use keyword searchable databases. So, if you resume has job related keywords, employers can easily find it. These keywords play an important role even when employers search for relevant candidates on third party job posting and resume posting boards on the internet.

So, now that you know about the mistakes that a resume may have, you need to review your resume and craft it in a way that it makes you saleable to employers.

On the blog, I also published a post on ‘Resume writing for Teenagers’. The brief post is accompanied by a video. If you are a teenager, you can have some useful resume writing tips in this post.


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Counseling Specialties and Types of Counseling

Counseling types, counseling specialties and careers in counseling…

If you are one of those candidates who is looking to make a career in counseling, you should know about various counseling specialties and its types. A counseling career is not limited to just one field but it offers diverse career possibilities. In order to pursue the right career, candidates need to know about the different types of counseling that can lead to different careers. Whichever psychology subfield you choose, you have a number of career options to choose from.

Listed below are some common counseling types –

Guidance and Career Counseling
Marriage and Family Counseling
Rehabilitation Counseling
Mental Health Counseling
Substance Abuse Counseling

It is not necessary to pursue a master’s degree in counseling choosing one of the above mentioned specialties. You will, however, come across many students who have a specialty in their mind before they get enrolled in a master’s degree program. You do not need to be surprised if you end up in an specialty area which you had not given thought earlier.

Unless and until you actually know about the counseling specialty you want to pursue, just go for a counseling degree in a traditional setting. Or choose to enroll into an online counseling degree program which offers a variety of options to choose from.

Besides the counseling types and major specialties mentioned above, there are some more specialties that students can decide to choose from –

Debt Counseling
Child Development Counseling
Eating Disorder Therapy
Grief Counseling
Art Therapy
Musical Therapy

Therefore, if you are looking forward to making a career in counseling, you should keep these counseling types and specialties in mind and choose a degree or training program that provides you with multiple options to select from.


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How to Handle Inappropriate Interview Questions

Most of us believe that it is illegal for an interviewer to ask questions relating to religious beliefs, national origin, marital status etc. This is only a widespread belief. In most of the states, interviews are allowed to ask questions relating to these and asking such questions is not illegal. What’s actually illegal is to make a hiring judgment on the basis of the answers given to such questions. That is why, smart interviewers do not ask such questions because they know that can not factor in the answers given.

However, you may run into situations where the interviewer asks questions relating to religion, belief, marital status etc. What would you do? Possibility can be that you might already have faced such a situation. What did you do? What’s more important is what you should do. By asking such questions, the interviewer is not making an attempt to screen you out illegally. Instead, he is making a small talk. However, they may not just realize that questions like these tread on risky grounds.

It’s a tricky situation anyway. In any case, you wouldn’t like to ruin your rapport because you want to turn the interview into a successful one. If you want to make it a successful interview, you would never want to respond with guns blazing.

If you look at the situation practically, it is definitely your perquisite to make an issue of what the interviewer asks. On the other hand, it is only up to you whether you feel like fighting the battle or not.

There is one more option to the situation as well. If the interviewer raises an issue like your parenthood and relates it to your job performance, you can speak to the interviewer directly and respond with a polite answer. You might respond by saying: “I do have kids, and they’re great, but please know that there’s nothing that would hinder or interfere with my ability to work the hours required to get the job done.”

And if you smell something in the interview, you will certainly need to reconsider your employment decision.

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How to Become a Photojournalist

Photojournalism career, educational requirement, career outlook and photojournalist’s annual salary..

Photojournalism is a part and parcel of journalism and deals with the capturing of photographs that help in telling a news story. Also referred to as news photographers, photojournalists are responsible for taking a variety of photographs depicting various aspects of the community and events. Photojournalists are trained professionals who know how to capture commercial and saleable photographs for newspapers, magazines, journals, magazines and television production companies. These photographs may relate to places, communities and people.

Photographs are captured in a way that they can effectively illustrate a recent event or a news story. In terms of time and representation, these photographs should be accurate. At the same, they should also relate to reader of the viewer of the news story or the event.

Educational Requirement
To become a photojournalist, candidates should posses a college degree in photography or a relevant field. Trained photojournalists are quite well versed with photography equipment including digital cameras, scanners, special software etc. In addition, professionals also need to have a good knowledge about internet technologies. To keep abreast with the advanced technologies, it is also essentials for photojournalists to be an active participant at conferences and seminars related to photography. To land jobs, photojournalists should have an attractive portfolio, a collection expertly taken photographs that display the creative and intelligent skills of the photojournalist.

Career Prospects in Photojournalism
According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth rate for photojournalism jobs is expected to grow at a rate of 10% from 2006 through to the year 2016. Candidates may need to face stiff competition landing jobs as more and more people are attracted towards this field. Those with appropriate degree and formal training and some additional experience will have an enhanced chance of getting jobs in the field of photojournalism. More jobs will continue to be added and growth continues in newspapers, journals, magazines etc.

Salary of a Photojournalist
Salaries of photojournalists depending on the years of experience they carry. Those who carry an experience of 1 to 4 years earn an hourly wage between the range of $10.32 and $14.42. Professionals with a working experience of 5 to 9 years earn between the range of $11.79 and $16.45 per hour.

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How to Become a Marriage Counselor

Becoming a marriage counselor, degree in counseling and other education requirements, job outlook for marriage counseling jobs and annual salary..

Marriage counselors are professionals who are trained in numerous counseling techniques. Counselors use these techniques to help couples find solutions to the problems that they may face in their married lives. Today’s world is quite fast paced and hectic. And difficult situations arrive almost in every couple’s life at some time or the other. Marriage counselors, therefore, help married couples in resolving a variety of conflicting issues and problems. These issues may vary from one couple to another.

Some of the issues that marriage counselors may need to deal with include –

Child and adolescent behavioral problems
Domestic conflict/ violence
Substance abuse

There are many more problematic situations that couples may face from time to time. Problems can vary from small to large. Married couples may face problems on a daily basis. In all these situations, marriage counselors make use of special techniques and counsel couples on modifying their behaviors and perceptions, depending on the requirement. Counseling may include multiple talking sessions which counselors use to identify the fears, issues and needs of married couples.

Training & Education Requirement
Educational requirements to become a marriage counselor may vary from one state to another. A bachelor’s degree with a supporting counseling course may be acceptable in some of the states. However, a master’s degree in counseling is the standard requirement for becoming a successful marriage counselor. In addition to obtaining the required education, counselors also need to be licensed by the state where they work.

Career Prospects
According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth rate for marriage counseling jobs is expected to grow much faster than the average of all occupations. A growth of 30% is expected from 2006 through to the year 2016.

Salary of Marriage Counselors
Salaries earned by marriage counselors depend on the years of experience they carry. Those who have an experience of 1 year or less earn between the range of $29,938 and $46,452. Counselors who have an experience of 1 to 4 years earn an average annual salary ranging between $32,016 and $45,453.


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Are There Scholarships for Single Moms?

Where to find scholarships for women, scholarships for single and working moms and other free educational resources..

Scholarships are not only available for high school students, college students and graduates, but they are also offered to moms – all types of moms including single moms and working moms. In mathematical terms, receiving an educational scholarship is directly proportional to the effort that put into researching and applying. Even as a single or a working mom, you can decide to pursue a career and fulfill your career dreams. While researching for women and mom scholarships and financial aid, it is good to be aware of the following facts about scholarships, grants and financial aid for mothers and women.

68.1% of all women students got some type of financial aid
40.5% of all women students got an educational loan
36.6% of all women students received a grant or scholarship

Therefore, women students who received a grant or a scholarship were around 1/3rd of all the women students. Not only for the young, but free scholarship money is also available for older moms aged 40 years and for all income ranges.

Every mom has a dream of bringing up their kids in the best possible ways. To earn a higher salary, women definitely need to have a good job that offers decent pay. Now getting a well paying job will require a college degree or required formal education. That is why. A number of organizations and academic institutions are offering scholarships to moms so that they can fulfill their dreams in life and career.

Additional Resources to Look and Apply for Moms Scholarships

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