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Career Change Tips

If you have made the decision to change career, it is definitely a courageous step. Not just anyone can change careers. It does take a lot of courage. But, while changing careers, you should also know whether it is a right decision or a wrong decision considering the current job market and employment situation. There is always a right way and a wrong way while you change careers. Given below are a few essential tips that will help you understand whether changing careers at a particular time is a right decision or not. Have a look.

  • Focus on Your Talents & Strengths
  • Conduct Research
  • Check Out Transferable Skills
  • Go Back to School to Obtain Required Certification/Training
  • Make Use of Your Professional Network

It is very essential to find out when you actually need a career change. Candidates need to find out the reasons behind a career change and then analyze them. Therefore, always remember to give it careful thought and consideration when it comes to changing careers.  However, there are many of us who are very apprehensive about a career change even after our current job has stopped serving us for a longer period. Candidates should also be quite open and ready to explore career opportunities. Because, change is the only thing which is permanent in this world. The whole point is to make sure that your decision for changing career is a right one.

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America’s Best Careers 2009-2010

Jobseekers should be aware of the most fulfilling career options while trying to establish their career. Being informed about profitable careers and latest job trends pays a lot while looking to kick start a career that proves useful to you, both personally and professionally. Given below are some of the best careers in America. Have a look and check out whether you are interested in any of these America’s best careers.

While you choose this career option, you will be required to take care of adults and children who suffer from impaired hearing and use hearing devices. It will be really a good feeling to help people improve their life. You might also be a part of a research team working on the next generation of hearing aids.

Biomedical Equipment Technician
Who is to be thanked for those heart monitors and ventilators working properly for patients in hospital bed? It is the duty of biomedical technicians to ensure that these equipment and others, that are used during a surgical operation, function properly.

Curriculum/ Training Specialist
If you want to join the field of education and yet not get into teaching a classroom, the curriculum specialist’s career may be just perfect for you. As a curriculum or training specialist, you will be doing text book and curriculum selection at schools. You may also train teachers, develop training programs and recruit instructors.

Genetic Counselor
It is one of those healthcare professions where around 90% of the professionals are satisfied with their job. Genetic counselors perform diagnosis work on a patient’s or family’s genetic history and work in close contact with physicians and medical geneticist.

The job of a hairstylist ranked no. 1 in a recently conducted British job satisfaction survey. It is one of those careers where you are supposed to make almost everyone happy. Exceptions may be those that say : What have you done to my hair?

Health Policy Specialist
Errors made by medical providers take the lives of more than 100,000 Americans every year. Around 47% of the people in America are uninsured. Health policy experts or medical policy experts have the responsibility of reinventing healthcare.

Landscape Architect
Do you know that you can make a great career in landscape architecture by becoming a landscape planner, a landscape manager, a landscape scientist or a garden designer? As a landscape architect, you would be designing zoological gardens, hill resorts, golf courses, gardens and parks, residential areas, walkways, gardens, public parks etc.

If you are interested in these careers, you can log on to DegreeAuthority now and find out the details on accredited bachelor degrees, master degrees, diploma, certification etc.


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Best Jobs for College Students [Part I]

There are some of the best jobs that really look good on a student’s resume. Today, students are not only required to obtain good grades but need to have some professional experiences as well. Hiring managers are looking for candidates that are already trained in the basics of life on a job. Given below are the best jobs for students that not only add weight to the student’s resume but also offer decent pay and work around class schedules quite well.

On-Campus IT Support Job
These work study jobs prove to be one of the best for college students. They help students acquire some real world experience while they continue with their education. Technology services work train students on how to solve technical problems. On campus IT support jobs prove to be convenient and are quite lucrative that those unpaid off-campus internships.

On-Campus Career Services
It is quite obvious that students find it hard to acquire professional world experience while working to obtain good grades. Working in career services enables students to become aware of the job hunting procedures and provides them with comfortability while conversing with employers and recruiters.

Paid Internships
This is really one of the best jobs for college students who want to gain professional world experience and expand the working world connections. What’s more if the job matches the career you wish to pursue there’s nothing better. Paid internships also help decide students whether a career is actually right for them. And students not only acquire knowledge and real world experience but they are also paid while taking up paid internships, truly one of the best for college students.

Unpaid Internships
This is one of the best options for those students who are not actually looking to fill their wallet. The good news really do not care or ask you whether you were paid or not during that internship. All that matters is how much real world experience you can gain. Summer internships and part time internships are some of the best options for students. Unpaid internships are definitely going to pay off later in your career.

Waiter or Waitress
This is honest and hard work. A hard work history informs employers that you do not take things for granted. While working as waiters or waitresses, you can gain a lot of real world experience as well as earn a decent income. Definitely, the waiter or waitress’ jobs are one of the best for college students.

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