America’s Best Places to Find Jobs

Anyone would be interested in knowing the best places in America to find a job. Even in the depth of recession, these places proved to be the best in terms of offering jobs. How did these places continue to offer jobs even when the country was struggling with an economic downturn? For jobseekers and those who are planning careers, these best places in America can provide them with some useful hints about where they can head when looking for jobs. Given below is a list of all these places that have been considered to be the best in America. Have a look!

Anchorage, Alaska
It is interesting to note that the city officially marked the 20th year of job growth consecutively. Jobs have been added in fields like healthcare services, education and government.

Arlington, VA
Another best place to find a job is America is the Arlington County. It is the same place where the Pentagon is located. There has been a high concentration of government jobs here.

Columbus, Ohio
Yes, the capital city has been one of the best and showed a lot of resilience even during the economic downturn. Jobs have been added in fields like hospitality, healthcare, tech industry, manufacturing etc.

The Hawaiian capital city of Honolulu is another city that has shown resilience. The tourism sector happens to be ever flourishing in the city. Though there was a rise in oil prices earlier, now the conditions have stabilized.

The city houses the headquarters of 27 Fortune 500 companies. Fossil fuels is a major economy booster for Houston. Undoubtedly, it deserves to be one of the best places in America for finding a job. It’s been enormously resilient during the economic downturn.

Oklahoma City
The energy sector (resources of oil and natural gas) has powered the job market in the city. Due to its resilience during recession, it was in the spotlight.

Salt Lake City
Some of the largest employers in the city include the Brigham Young University and the University of Utah, Intermountain Healthcare, and the Utah state government. The city managed to squeeze through the recession with one of the lowest unemployment rates in America.

Shreveport, La.
According to economists at ISH Global Insight, Louisiana lost only 2 per cent of its jobs by the end of recession. Economists believe that the place will bounce back to its peak by 2012. A newly originated film making industry and the flourishing natural gas industry are the major work providers in this city.

Tallahassee, Fla.
Though Florida the housing market here had an extreme bust, Tallahassee (the capital) has shown job growth in fields like education, government sector, health services, leisure and hospitality.

Wichita, Kansas
The employment rate in the city showed a growth of 4.7 per cent last year in fields like education and health services. Really one of the best in America!


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