America’s Best Careers 2009-2010 [Part–II]

You might have heard about hundreds of careers while on a job hunt or through your career planning process. But do you know which America’s best careers are? These careers (listed below) happen to be the best in America, because they bring highest job satisfaction, require least difficult training, are very prestigious and offer the highest pay. In terms of staying power too, these careers happen to be the best. So, if you are planning to get enrolled in a new degree program or deciding to choose a career path, you definitely need to take a look at these highly satisfying and best careers in America.

A career in fundraising proves to be a very fulfilling one. The job of a fundraiser is not all about asking people for money. Basic job responsibilities of a fundraiser include writing letters, writing grant proposals, making telephone calls and organizing events for raising money. Much of a fundraiser’s time is spent on training and motivating volunteers.

Urban Regional Planner
There’s been a continued increase in the employment growth rate of urban regional planning jobs. Job responsibilities of an urban regional planner are to plan, develop and implement plans for the appropriate and advantageous use of land, contributing towards community growth.

Computer System Analyst
Also known as the computer system architect or computer systems designer, system analysts work for a variety of organizations installing computer systems, upgrading and developing systems to increase employee accessibility.

Today’s librarians are hi-tech sleuths. These professionals work more with non-print and online resources including computer databases, CDs and internet. Librarians also organize various education programs, book discussions and children puppet shows among others.

Management Consultant
Management analysts or management consultants are in great demand by companies and organizations. These professionals perform research, analyze and collect data while working on a client’s project. They recommend ways to improve an organization’s profit.

Higher Education Administrator
While you obtain the job position of a higher education administrator, you would be holding a number of management and administrative responsibilities in colleges and universities. No doubt, the beautiful college surroundings are one of the best and will always stimulate you.

Physical Therapist
America’s Wall Street Journal’s Career Journal has rated the physical therapists’ career among the best. As a physical therapist, you can choose to work at hospitals, physician’s office, physical therapy clinics and patient’s home.


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  3. JamesDX

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  4. Can you believe this story from Denver?

    I just saw this story and had to share it with all of you.

    This poor woman, just can’t believe that this actually happens in this day and age, what a shame.

    I just thought it was important to share.

    (CNN) — Three police cars pulled into Christina FourHorn’s front yard one afternoon while working from home just before she was supposed to pick up her daughter at school. The officers had a warrant for her arrest.

    “What do you mean robbery?” FourHorn remembers asking the officers. Her only brushes with the law had been a few speeding tickets.

    She was locked up in a Colorado jail. They took her clothes and other belongings and handed her an oversize black-and-white striped uniform. She protested for five days, telling jailers the arrest was a mistake. Finally, her husband borrowed enough money to bail her out.

    “They wouldn’t tell me the details,” she said.

    Later, it became clear that FourHorn was right, that Denver police had arrested the wrong woman. Police were searching for Christin Fourhorn, who lived in Oklahoma.

    Their names were similar, and Christina FourHorn, a mother with no criminal record living in Sterling, Colorado, had been caught in the mix-up.

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