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America’s Best Places to Find Jobs

Anyone would be interested in knowing the best places in America to find a job. Even in the depth of recession, these places proved to be the best in terms of offering jobs. How did these places continue to offer jobs even when the country was struggling with an economic downturn? For jobseekers and those who are planning careers, these best places in America can provide them with some useful hints about where they can head when looking for jobs. Given below is a list of all these places that have been considered to be the best in America. Have a look!

Anchorage, Alaska
It is interesting to note that the city officially marked the 20th year of job growth consecutively. Jobs have been added in fields like healthcare services, education and government.

Arlington, VA
Another best place to find a job is America is the Arlington County. It is the same place where the Pentagon is located. There has been a high concentration of government jobs here.

Columbus, Ohio
Yes, the capital city has been one of the best and showed a lot of resilience even during the economic downturn. Jobs have been added in fields like hospitality, healthcare, tech industry, manufacturing etc.

The Hawaiian capital city of Honolulu is another city that has shown resilience. The tourism sector happens to be ever flourishing in the city. Though there was a rise in oil prices earlier, now the conditions have stabilized.

The city houses the headquarters of 27 Fortune 500 companies. Fossil fuels is a major economy booster for Houston. Undoubtedly, it deserves to be one of the best places in America for finding a job. It’s been enormously resilient during the economic downturn.

Oklahoma City
The energy sector (resources of oil and natural gas) has powered the job market in the city. Due to its resilience during recession, it was in the spotlight.

Salt Lake City
Some of the largest employers in the city include the Brigham Young University and the University of Utah, Intermountain Healthcare, and the Utah state government. The city managed to squeeze through the recession with one of the lowest unemployment rates in America.

Shreveport, La.
According to economists at ISH Global Insight, Louisiana lost only 2 per cent of its jobs by the end of recession. Economists believe that the place will bounce back to its peak by 2012. A newly originated film making industry and the flourishing natural gas industry are the major work providers in this city.

Tallahassee, Fla.
Though Florida the housing market here had an extreme bust, Tallahassee (the capital) has shown job growth in fields like education, government sector, health services, leisure and hospitality.

Wichita, Kansas
The employment rate in the city showed a growth of 4.7 per cent last year in fields like education and health services. Really one of the best in America!

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Top Insider Secrets to Getting Hired

Job search is a long process. But you can definitely shorten this period by reviewing your job search and following some useful tips. There can be a number of reasons behind your not getting hired. How can you examine your job search? Yes, there are a number of essential points that you need to consider. There are quite a few questions that you need to ask yourself. Does your resume make for a good advertising copy? Do you have a problem with your body language? Do you tend to have habits that irritate interviewers and turn them off?

Consider some essential points and follow the tips :

Fine-tune your cover letter
Watch your body language at a job interview
Fill in that resume blank with volunteering work
Watch out for small details on the resume
Include accomplishments to set the resume apart from others
Ensure you match the job description
Put the interviewer at ease (the reverse of it may not always be the best plan)
Plan before you pursue
Apply for positions that employers are finding hard to fill (in case you are switching careers or breaking into a new industry)

Try to consider each of the above mentioned points one by one. You really need to give it a serious thought if it’s been quite a long time since you started searching for jobs. And do remember to fill out those long blanks on your resume with some volunteering works that you did. Volunteering work on the resume really looks good and impresses employers. It shows that you are active and energetic. And that you took out time to help others even when you were having a hard time yourself.

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How to Make a Career in Library Science

Well, the scenario is changing. Today, a career in library science happens to be one of the best careers in America (as listed by US News). So, if you thought a librarian’s job was a quiet and unsatisfying one, you need to give it a second thought. Now, you can no more underrate librarianship or career in library science. Call the today’s librarians hi-tech sleuths, because they do not only work with printed materials. These hi-tech sleuths work more with online resources including computerized databases, internet, CDs etc. In addition, they are also responsible for organizing a variety of education enhancing programs, book discussion groups and children puppet shows among others.

Job Opportunities for Librarians
Also called information professionals, librarians mostly work with the public in pleasant surroundings as public or school librarians. These professionals can also take up library science teaching jobs at universities and colleges. Federal government departments also offer wonderful job opportunities for these professionals. Besides, some other librarians also get employed in technical support and administration.

Education Requirement
A master’s degree in library science (MLS) is the standard education requirement for becoming a librarian. US students need to make sure that the degree program they go for is accredited by the American Library Association. A doctorate in library science can help candidates acquire teaching jobs at universities and colleges.

Who is a Special Librarian?
Besides becoming public librarians, candidates can also choose to join work as special librarians. Compared to a career as public librarian, a special librarian’s career brings more benefits and career opportunities. These librarians work for a wide range of business establishments and organizations including legislatures, corporations, hospitals, law firms, prisons, military etc.

How much a career in library science can fetch?
Librarians who work at public libraries earn an average annual salary of around $48,220 whereas junior college librarians earn annually $55,900 on an average. Those who take up jobs at colleges and universities can earn around &56,160 per year. Librarians can also look forward to becoming chief information officers or library directors (as they gain more and more experience) and can earn even higher.

Library Organizations & Associations in America
American Library Association
American Library Association-Allied Professional Association

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America’s Best Careers 2009-2010 [Part–II]

You might have heard about hundreds of careers while on a job hunt or through your career planning process. But do you know which America’s best careers are? These careers (listed below) happen to be the best in America, because they bring highest job satisfaction, require least difficult training, are very prestigious and offer the highest pay. In terms of staying power too, these careers happen to be the best. So, if you are planning to get enrolled in a new degree program or deciding to choose a career path, you definitely need to take a look at these highly satisfying and best careers in America.

A career in fundraising proves to be a very fulfilling one. The job of a fundraiser is not all about asking people for money. Basic job responsibilities of a fundraiser include writing letters, writing grant proposals, making telephone calls and organizing events for raising money. Much of a fundraiser’s time is spent on training and motivating volunteers.

Urban Regional Planner
There’s been a continued increase in the employment growth rate of urban regional planning jobs. Job responsibilities of an urban regional planner are to plan, develop and implement plans for the appropriate and advantageous use of land, contributing towards community growth.

Computer System Analyst
Also known as the computer system architect or computer systems designer, system analysts work for a variety of organizations installing computer systems, upgrading and developing systems to increase employee accessibility.

Today’s librarians are hi-tech sleuths. These professionals work more with non-print and online resources including computer databases, CDs and internet. Librarians also organize various education programs, book discussions and children puppet shows among others.

Management Consultant
Management analysts or management consultants are in great demand by companies and organizations. These professionals perform research, analyze and collect data while working on a client’s project. They recommend ways to improve an organization’s profit.

Higher Education Administrator
While you obtain the job position of a higher education administrator, you would be holding a number of management and administrative responsibilities in colleges and universities. No doubt, the beautiful college surroundings are one of the best and will always stimulate you.

Physical Therapist
America’s Wall Street Journal’s Career Journal has rated the physical therapists’ career among the best. As a physical therapist, you can choose to work at hospitals, physician’s office, physical therapy clinics and patient’s home.


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Girls Need a Heavy Dose of Realism about Careers & Motherhood

According to the president of the Girl’s School Association (GSA), it may not be possible for teenage girls to play both the roles in life – a perfect mother and a career woman. Yes, there are clever girls who have high ambitions. Jill Berry, head teacher of Dame Alice Harpur School in Bedford, has a word of advice for teenage girls who aim high. She says that there is nothing wrong in taking up a part time job or not working at all when they have children.

Berry further says that schools need to prepare girls in advance for the challenges they will be facing in future. According to Berry, there is a large number of girls who want to have just everything. Yes, schools need to prepare teenage girls for this. But, at the same time, schools also need to make girls realistic about what they want to have in their lives. At different stages of life, girls may want to have different things.

“There is nothing wrong with them saying ‘I need to work part-time’ or ‘I need support in order to enable me to do my career and have children’, Berry says. Teachers at schools need to train and prepare girls to achieve what they aspire, but not target perfection. Girls need to be taught that life is all about balance. Unless schools teach this to teenage girls, they run the risk of betraying girls.

Today, girls need to be given top quality education. Girls should be prepared in such a way that they can generate options for themselves to maintain balance both in the workplace and at home. Girls are facing reality. Therefore, they need to very realistic about what they want to achieve in life.

Harriet Harman, the minister for women, said last month at the Treasury select committee inquiry, Women in the City, “the change we need is the change which recognizes that for women to take time out with a young baby or to work flexible or part-time hours on return from maternity leave is going to be the actual way of the future”.

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13 Things Students Love to Hate About College

Well, it seems college students are turning critics these days. And perhaps this is justifiable as well. The average tuition at a public college has gone up. Students have every right to complain about things they do not like. What is even more surprising is that the faculty and staff at colleges haven’t got a raise this year and they are overworked too. For now, let us have a look at what students do not find to their liking or hate about college.

College costs too much.
I’m closed out of the class I want.
My professor is unbelievably boring.
The classes are too big.
I keep getting lousy grades.
I hate writing papers.
I freak out during exams.
I can’t get my courses to transfer properly.
My roommate would make Hannibal Lecter seem like a nice guy.
Dorm food sucks.
My dorm room makes the Motel 6 look like the Taj Mahal.
I can’t afford a parking space within 5 miles of the place.
This college is nothing like what I expected it to be.

What do you have to say? So, you had a look at the 13 things that students love to hate about college. Don’t panic. If you too have such complaints about your college, you need to find remedy to these problems. To cut down upon college education expenses, you need to do some research before you actually decide to attend a college.  Some of these problems can be avoided with advance planning and preparation. In any way, you do not need to be depressed but be ready to deal with the problems and find solutions to them. Remember, there is a solution to every problem only if you are ready to find it out.

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Best Jobs for College Students [Part II]

You might have read the first part on best college students. In this post, we will know about 5 more best jobs for college students. All the jobs mentioned in the earlier post and here suit students the best. When employers hire candidates they prefer those who already have some real world experience, apart from those good grades. So, these college student jobs give students the opportunity to acquire some professional world experience while they continue with their studies in college. Let’s have a look at some more best jobs for college students.

Lab Assistant
The job of a lab assistant can really provide students with research experience that most of the employers look for. So, if you wish to kick start a career in the field of laboratory sciences, you can always go for this job. You find a part time lab assistant’s job both off campus and on campus. Many colleges also offer campus lab jobs as part of their work study programs.

Professor’s Research Assistant
An easy but useful job opportunity for students is to seek the position for a professor’s research lab assistant. While assisting the professor with the research work, college students do not only learn and acquire skills, but they develop an advantageous connection with the professor as well. What’s more the professor’s recommendation can really help you a lot in your professional career later. The professional connection may also bring better business and job opportunities to students.

Home Health Aide
Are you aspiring to make a career in the field of healthcare? If the answer is ‘yes’, you can also take up the part time job of a home health aide. By working with an elderly and taking care of them, you can really gain some useful insight and experience in patient care. This experience can help you land home health aide jobs in the healthcare industry as well.

While in search of part time student jobs, you can also check out working opportunities with the school paper or with the campus publication. The experience that you gain doing the writing at these places can really look good on resume if you are planning a career that requires good communication skills. Students can also find a lot of writing and editing work online.

Bank Teller
Yet another best part time job for college students is that of a bank teller. A bank teller’s job provides flexibility to students. The part time job helps students acquire some customer services experience that can be useful in their career later.

While taking up any of the above mentioned part time jobs, college students should remember to select an option that has relevancy with their chosen career path. If the job is relevant to your future career, you are definitely going to benefit from these real world experiences.

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