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Best Careers 2009-2010 [Part-I]

Environmental Engineers
The career of environmental engineers is one of the most fulfilling ones if you aspire to step into the field of environmental science.

Cruise Line Chef
Those who are interested in making their career in the field of Culinary Arts can also look forward to joining as a chef on a cruise ship. Chef on a cruise ship is known as Cruise Line Chef.

Graphic Designers

As a graphic designer or graphic artists you can find jobs in media field including print, electronic, television and film.

Broadcast Technicians
Not only in radio and television, but broadcast technicians can land profitable jobs and make fulfilling career in motion pictures as well.

Craft Artists
Maximum number of professionals in the field of art and craft are self employed. There are excellent job opportunities in this field.
Database Administrators
If you are interested in database management systems and safeguarding computer databases, a career as database administrators is just for you.

Film & Video Editors
Editing a movie, soundtrack or video is all that you will be doing if you decide to kick start your career as film and video editors.
Career in Liberal Arts
A degree in liberal arts gives you a well rounded knowledge of a variety of subjects including literature, science, religion, mathematics etc.


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Finding Scholarships Online

Are you ready to search for scholarships online? Well, there are hundreds of scholarship search services available online. You can not go just for any scholarship service. You have the pick one which is authentic and is not a scholarship scam. Given below are some important tips to help you select the right scholarship service online.

Profile Matches

A sophisticated matching technology is the most essential part of an online scholarship search service. An online service which can exactly match your profile with different types of scholarships available will be able to provide you a list of scholarships that you are eligible for or for which you are potential candidate. Do not go for an online scholarship services that asks only a couple of questions and returns you a list of hundreds of scholarships. The right scholarship service will provide you with only selective scholarships and you would be able to devote more time to the application procedure.

Up-to-date Scholarship Information

While searching for scholarship services online, you will come across hundreds of such services. The key to choosing the right one is by checking out the accuracy of information and whether it is for the current academic year. Outdated scholarship information will do nothing but waste your valuable time. So, make sure that service you use provides up-to-date scholarship information.

Avoid Overly Commercial Websites

You are searching online for services that can help you find matching scholarships. So, remember to focus on finding scholarships. You may find a number of websites packed with commercial advertisements and student offers. Avoid websites with unwanted subscriptions and too many pop up ads. These websites are there to do business and they may annoy you. Keep away from such types of online scholarship services.

Look for User-Oriented Features

The right kind of scholarship service should save you time, Go for a service that features customer oriented service like easy profile and account updation options and getting the information saved after you have filled out the for. If the information is saved, you will not need to start all over again if you want to make some changes. A good online scholarship service should not annoy you, save you time and help you easily find free money for college.

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Interview Dos & Don’ts

What to Do
Express your message with great clarity using good diction and grammar
Fill out the application form neatly and completely, if provided.
Greet the interviewer by his last name, but be sure about the pronunciation.
Display enthusiasm, smile and give a firm handshake.
Listen carefully, be articulate while responding and look the interviewer in the eye.
Do not take seat unless offered, sit upright and look interested.
Take criticism with grace.
Try to display a sense of humor.
Carry a pen and a small notebook and use when required.
Take time to think before responding to an unexpected question.
If you do not understand a question, ask to clarify.
Depart gracefully at the end of the interview.
Have some intelligent questions in mind to ask the interviewer.
Expect to be treated in an appropriate manner.

What Not to Do
Do not respond to questions only with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Give explanations where required.
Do not pretend to know something that you actually do not.
Do not say anything negative about the present or previous employer.
Jot down notes (if any) only after the interview concludes.
Do not make excuse for your actions and decisions.
Do not take the interviewer in a casual manner, even if it is just for practice.
Do not slouch or go to the extremes of your posture while sitting.
Do not let the interviewer feel that you are ready for just any kind of job.
Do not talk about salary and benefits unless the interviewer begins with the subject.

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Career in Accounting & Job Opportunities

accounting-careerUsually people think that the accounting career is limited only to the position of a general accountant. This is not true. If you are serious about a career in accounting, you should equip yourself with more information about this field. First of all, there are multiple areas where accounting jobs are available and excellent career opportunities lie for candidates. Be informed that accounting professionals or accountant are required in areas like information system, management policy, taxation, auditing, computer operations etc.

What is the actual duty of an accountant? Well, accountants are hired to make an assessment of the economic activities of business establishments as well as individuals. Accountants do not only assess the present economic status, but they also evaluate future economic activities.

People might say that accountants are only for filing returns at year’s end. In fact, accountants are the soul of the financial world. Finances, profits, payrolls, expenditure – can all of this smoothly without accountants? Depending on their skill and expertise, accountants can choose to work only in their areas of specialization like tax documentation, maintenance of an organizations finances and looking after a small business’ payroll. There are multiple options of making a successful career in accounting.

Types of Accountants
Candidates who aspire to kick start a career in accounting, should know about the different types of accountants that exist in the modern day world. These accountant types are as follows.

Public Accountants
These types of accountants work for public accounting companies and handle taxation, deduction and declaration tasks.

Government Accountants
These accountants work for the government and government employees. They look after the government accounting records as well as government employees’ account records.

Internal Auditors
Always in demand, internal auditors ensure the truthfulness and the accuracy of a company’s financial records. These accountants work for the benefits of both the company clients and company employees.

Management Accountants
The duty of management accountants is to supervise and manage a company’s payouts and profits. Whether it is the company’s investment or expenditure, the management accountants have an important role to play in all of this.

Ready for an Accounting Career?
Multiple diploma and degree programs are available at universities, colleges and other academic institutions. Remember to join only accredited institutions to make the most of your career in accounting. While you go to attend a college, make sure you obtain an accountant degree that not only kick starts your career, but also proves beneficial for your accounting MBA program.

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