Database Administrators Career Profile

Expert knowledge of database management systems is required to kick start your career as database administrators. Using various technologies and skills, database administrators try to provide security and safety to computer databases. With the advancement of technology, more and more career opportunities are created for database administrators. These professionals devise plans and offer expert solutions to store and manage databases successfully. While talking about Internet, a huge volume of data requires to be managed efficiently and safely. To keep the databases secure, modifications are also needed to be done in the database. This entire task is performed by database administrators.

Educational Background
Candidates can go for associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, master’s degree or doctoral degree to make their career in the field of database management. Employers, however, mostly prefer candidates with a master’s degree in computer science or information science. Job positions definitely depend on the degrees candidates have obtained. More and more experience can result candidates in acquiring higher and managerial positions.

Salary of Database Administrators
The median annual salary of database administrators is around $64,670. The job of database administrators is one of the most highly paid. By 2016, around 154,000 jobs are expected in the field of database management and database administration.

Jobs for database administrators is available at places like academic institutions, business establishments, government agencies and other organizations that have a large database to be managed.

Watch the following video to know more about the work profile of database administrators. You can also read this – Database Administrators : Career Profile, Education & Earning


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