Interview Dos & Don’ts

What to Do
Express your message with great clarity using good diction and grammar
Fill out the application form neatly and completely, if provided.
Greet the interviewer by his last name, but be sure about the pronunciation.
Display enthusiasm, smile and give a firm handshake.
Listen carefully, be articulate while responding and look the interviewer in the eye.
Do not take seat unless offered, sit upright and look interested.
Take criticism with grace.
Try to display a sense of humor.
Carry a pen and a small notebook and use when required.
Take time to think before responding to an unexpected question.
If you do not understand a question, ask to clarify.
Depart gracefully at the end of the interview.
Have some intelligent questions in mind to ask the interviewer.
Expect to be treated in an appropriate manner.

What Not to Do
Do not respond to questions only with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Give explanations where required.
Do not pretend to know something that you actually do not.
Do not say anything negative about the present or previous employer.
Jot down notes (if any) only after the interview concludes.
Do not make excuse for your actions and decisions.
Do not take the interviewer in a casual manner, even if it is just for practice.
Do not slouch or go to the extremes of your posture while sitting.
Do not let the interviewer feel that you are ready for just any kind of job.
Do not talk about salary and benefits unless the interviewer begins with the subject.


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