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Career as Archivists : Overview, Education & Salary

ArchivistWhether it’s a museum, a zoo, an educational institution or a historical site, archivists can land a job at any of these places. But before you decide to take up the career of an archivist, you should ask yourself whether you would love working at museums and historical sites. If you find yourself to have an avid interest in this the field of natural history and museology (study of museums), archivist can just be the right career option for you. Major duties of archivists include the maintenance of historical documents and participating in multiple research activities associated with the subject of archiving. Not only at museums or other historical sites, but archivists can make their career by joining academic institutions and federal agencies too.

The career of an archivist demands a lot of loyalty and dedication, as you would be responsible for the safekeeping of historical documents, works of art and craft, fossils, rare manuscripts, historical relics etc. If you though that your archivists career would only include the maintenance of historical documents and artifacts, you need to think again. A host of challenging tasks may also be included in your duty or work profile. Archivists are also involved in organizing lectures, workshops, tours etc. In this case, you would be in close contact with the boards of many an academic institution. So, are you ready for this career? Or, do you want to know more? Read on!

Educational Background
With a bachelor’s degree in history or library science, you can easily kick start your career as an archivists. However, those who aspire higher ranking or more respectable positions like that of a museum director, you will need to obtain a degree in archival science from an accredited college or university. A master’s or a doctoral degree in natural history can get you the post of a curator. Additional certifications like ‘Certified Archivists’ (conferred upon by the Academy of Certified Archivists) can help candidates a lot in the advancement of their career.

Archivists Job Outlook

Employment growth rate for archivists, museum technicians and curators is expected to increase as fast as the average of all occupations through to the year 2012. Jobs will be added both in the public sector and private organizations. More and more archival science professionals are required for museums and zoo attendance. Rising public interest in science, arts and history also increases demands for archivists.

Salary of an Archivist
Whether you want to become a curator or an archivist, abundant opportunities are waiting for you. After the completion of your training programs, you can decide to begin your archivists career at academic institutions, zoological gardens, federal/ state government agencies, historical organizations etc. The average salary of an archivist is around $40,730 per year.


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How to Deal With Your Parents

When you join college, you want to make your own decisions. Students want to keep away from family rules. But when you try to become independent, it also means that only you will be accountable for your education and career. The most important thing, however, is you should know how to deal with your parents. Balance is the key. You should take a path that gives you opportunity to make your own decisions without hurting your family or parents. Therefore, it is very important to successfully deal with your parents. Given below are some important tips on how you can deal with your parents. Read on.

Be in Touch
Email, texting, Facebook and Twitter are some great options to keep in touch with your family. Occasionally, you can also give them phone calls. If they have paid for these facilities (in terms of laptop and phone calls), you should be budget conscious as well.

Set Some Ground Rules
Suppose you have added your parents to your friend list. Now you need to set some rules. Even would not mind if they do not hear you from often. Rules can be set like they can read your pages like your friends do. But you can ask them not to post anything on the wall. You should set rules in a way that you do not regret anything that happens later due to carelessness.

Learn to Fight Homesickness
Rarely will you find students that do not have the feeling of being homesick. It happens to almost every one in college. Learn to combat homesickness. The best idea is to keep yourself busy spending time with other students and reading.

Swagger Your Stuff But Do Not Overplay
You reserve the right who you would like to show your grade card. It will make you happy when you obtain good grades and show it to your parents. But, even when the grades are not so good, you should let your parents know about it. Your parents have paid for expenses and you cannot keep them in the dark.

Live Up to Your Parents Expectations
Would you ever like to bite the hands that feed you? Never. So, think before you act and make well informed decisions. Do not splurge, as it would affect your parents’ finance.

Keep Exploring on Your Own
At College you will meet people from different backgrounds. Respect your own family values and reassure them about it. But be ready to explore on your own and find a way for yourself to advance your career.

Express Thanks
You parents love it when your appreciate them and thank them. Do not hesitate to give them your thanks every now and then and express your love for them.

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How to Get a Job : Choosing Careers

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Career as Veterinary Technician

veterinary technician A veterinary technician performs the same task as a nurse does. The career of a veterinary technician can be fulfilling only if you love caring for animals and do not shun from attending to them. The main responsibilities of veterinary technicians include collection of blood samples of animals, performing different tests and analysis of animals. The career of a veterinary technician actually becomes interesting when it comes to taking care of pet-owners. So, while you practice as a veterinary technician, you do not only ease the discomfort of pet animals but also try to comfort their owners. Therefore, the career gives you an opportunity to understand the behavioral attributes of animals as well as experience the bonding that exists between people and their pets.

It is actually a veterinarian under whose guidance veterinary technicians performs their task. Though at the very first look the veterinary technician career may look a bit unpleasant, it has its rewards too. The profession of a veterinary technician adds much to your knowledge. During your career, you get to know more about people, their behavior and the love that they share with their pets. The career of veterinary technician makes you aware of how different animals can react in some particular situations. At the end of the day, it will make you feel contented that you provided comfort to an innocent creature. So, you have both physical as well as mental challenges to face during your career.

The exact responsibilities of veterinary technicians may differ a little depending on the location you are practicing in. Usually, the veterinary technician would be collecting blood samples of animals, conducting numerous clinical tests, keeping the animal medical history and reporting to the veterinarian under whose supervision they are working.

Degrees/ Courses Required
To become a veterinary technician, students can enroll themselves in a 2-year associate degree which trains them in animal anatomy, veterinary technology and animal physiology. These degrees are offered at many universities and colleges across the world. Online veterinary technician courses are also a good option for candidates. If you want to be trained using live animals, you should go to a local college or university rather than earning a degree online.

Career Outlook & Salary of Veterinary Technician
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a 41 per cent employment growth rate increase in the coming years. As a result, around 29,000 posts for veterinary technicians will be created in the US. Looking at this increasing employment growth, it can be said that career as veterinary technicians will prove to be very profitable. Pet owners continue to increase in number. Therefore, the requirement for veterinary technicians is also on the rise.

The career of a veterinary technician can fetch you an annual salary ranging anywhere between $28,920 and $43,380. Landing a job in government agencies would bring higher earning opportunities.

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Career Assessment Tests and Their Value

career-assessment-testThe selection of the right career and choosing what to study is never an easy task. Knowing that you chose the wrong career after you have enrolled in and studied a specific degree program can be quite disheartening and distressing. It is, therefore, very essential to asses your career and know exactly which course or degree program would turn into a successful career for you. In desperation, when you consult your life orientation teacher, he advises you to take a psychometric career assessment test. And you say, “What’s that”? Today, you can find hundreds of thousands of career assessment tests online, most of them offered for free. But, how do you prepare yourself for taking that career assessment test? A career assessment test comprises of a few steps which may include online tests, exercises and questionnaires. These career tests are designed or developed by psychologists who prepare it taking into account numerous behavioral and personality traits of an individual. While you take a test for career assessment, you equip yourself with all the essential information that guides you along the right career path.

These tests assess an individual in terms of their capabilities, values, motivations and interests. After being tested with the help of a free career assessment test, you can take a well informed decision about what you should study and which career would be the most appropriate for you. These online tests are, in fact, an opportunity to know more about your professionally or career-wise. By taking an assessment test, you can not only make informed decisions but also can avail new career opportunities and work towards strengthening the skills and development areas which can give boost you career.

While you search on the internet for free career tests, you will come across multiple similar tests. It would always be advisable to go for the career test which is based on psychological research and is valuable career-wise. After taking a free career assessment test, you can really find answers to many of your career related questions. While you gain an insight into your personal and professional abilities, you can be ready to move along the right path and achieve in life what you want.

The value of a career assessment test can never be undermined. Designed by skilled psychologists they help an individual to know their strengths and highlight their skills and development areas. In a world where you have countless career options, degrees and courses, the value of a career assessment become really high.

You don’t really need much preparation before you take a test for assessing your career. But if you know beforehand what to expect, it can enhance your performance. To assess your career, the test has a few steps or sections. You can come across some questions that are related to your personality, interests and motivations. Now do you really need to prepare for that? Yeah, you should be ready to handle a couple of questions for testing your aptitude.

Career assessments tests are a must for each and every one of you. The test has no side effects! After taking these tests, you will definitely learn a thing or two related to you personally and professionally. It’s time you discovered your right potential and set out in the direction which is the most appropriate for a successful career.

Go, take a career assessment test now and realize your true potential!

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Job Search Trends

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Tips for Successful Career Planning

Career Planning1Only you will be accountable for your career and no one else. The statement goes for most of the people living on this planet. You might have got some career planning tips from your family and friends. Or you might have not got any from them. Well, effective planning is an essential part of any program which needs successful execution. Here are some essential tips for successful career planning. Don’t keep these successful career planning tips to yourself, but also remember to share it your friends and those who seek professional help. Planning your career is not something hard to do. In fact as you follow these tips and plan your career successfully, you will surely have a positive and rewarding experience.

Fix a day or weekend for career planning annually
We perform so many activities on an annual basis. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to devote a weekend every year to career planning? If you are really serious about making your career one of the most profitable one, you can never reject the idea. Take out some time and spend it to focus your career. On your career alone!

Think what you actually like and what you don’t
The current job and the career path may not lead to the same destination. Make a list of your likes and dislikes and reflect on them. The list can include anything that you strongly like or hate, not just something related to your job. After you have prepared a list of your likes and dislikes, you can finally match your current job with these. Which column does your current job fall into? If it falls into the ‘likes’ column, things are going to be good. But if the activities of your job fall into the ‘dislikes’ column, it’s about time you began looking for new jobs and new careers.

Put your hobbies or pastimes under the scanner
Also spend some time examining the activities that you most like to indulge when you are not working. These non-work activities may not always be a joke. These hobbies and pastimes can give you some useful hints for career paths. There are countless examples where people have made great careers out of their hobbies or pastimes.

Keep building network
You never know that the contact you just made would soon invite you to a fulfilling career with them. After, you should be aware that around 50% of all jobs are obtained through different contacts or networks. So, never stop building your network. Sooner or later, it will pay.

Never stop learning
Learning should be like the show that must go on. The learning activity should always continue even as you advance in age. Keep adding to your current skills; acquire new ones so that you may be ready for a better career in future.

Keep an eye on career and job trends
For a long-term and successful career planning, you need to keep abreast of the latest career and job trends. A revision of career and job trends will make you able to market yourself well even in bad times. Be informed about the employment growth rate of the careers that you are interested in.

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