Who is a landscape architect?

Have you ever heard or wanted to become a landscape architect? Do you know that you can make a great career in landscape architecture by becoming a landscape planner, a landscape manager, a landscape scientist or a garden designer? Well, the field of landscape architecture provides you multiple career opportunities to become one of these or more. Those who have a keen interest in environment designing and conservation can look forward to making an exciting career in landscape architecture. The field of landscape architecture actually deals with a number of subjects including science, arts and technology. As a landscape architect, you would be able to design zoological gardens, hill resorts, golf courses, gardens and parks, residential areas, walkways, gardens and public parks among others. Doesn’t it all sound too exciting?


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5 responses to “Who is a landscape architect?

  1. Landscape architects have many things they can do. The ones we work with are usually designing parks, school yards, church recreation areas, water parks, and community event centers. Specifically, they contract us out to design playgrounds for these sites and they play an integral role in the design and implementation of these cutting edge playscape attractions, big or small.

    Also, I read on one blog that this field is going to be one of the fastest growing professions in America over the coming years. With all of the focus environmental awareness and sustainability, it seems there is good need too!

  2. It’s really not a get rich type business or career but it’s one that you can really enjoy if you’re into plants, design, and just plain customer service.

  3. My 10cents about this topic is this…

    A landscape architect is anyone with the education, the experience, the state accreditation, and skill to undertake projects that relate to constructed nature and build environments.

    As interior designers are responsible for designing and planning the insides of built space, while architects conceptualize and design structures, landscape architects engage in designing and planning the spaces that contain the medium of the interior designers and architects.

    Their work encompasses both hardscape- the immovable and permanent aspects of the landscape like concrete, fountains, and stonewalls- and softscape- the part that includes plants, soil, and irrigation. Both planned and engineered well, the hardscape and softscape form together the ideal man made environment.

    We may be few but the possibilities that we can accomplish and contribute to the other design professionals is immense.

  4. A landscape architect also has a big responsibility with working around national park to make sure that the nature formation of the park is not destroyed by man kinda but also making it safe for people to walk through an get in touch with nature as it should be, but also keeping it safe for them at the same time.

  5. There are two great points about LA,
    1 – There is a theoretical as well as a practical/hands on approach and you have the option of becoming either or.
    2 – You can have the option of working with low scale residential contractors or move up the lines and design Urban networks for city planning

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