Culinary Career As a Commis Chef

commis-chef-culinary-careerCareer opportunities in the culinary industry are immense. Those who really take this art seriously can look forward to making it big in the culinary industry. There are many ways of entering the field of culinary art. Even when you join a position in the culinary industry at an entry level position, you can work hard to achieve a senior position of the position of a master chef. One of these opportunities is join the industry as a Commis Chef, an entry level position for becoming a head chef or a master chef further.

The position of Commis Chef is actually a start to becoming a master chef with a lot of hard work, dedication and practice. The position of an apprentice chef is also oftentimes referred to as a Commis Chef in the culinary industry. While you take up the career of becoming a Commis Chef, you are required to start your practice from restaurants or larger kitchens. It is only after a formal training that you can join as a Commis Chef and kickstart your culinary career.

Reporting & Responsibilities of a Commis Chef

While working in restaurants or larger kitchen, a Commis Chef reports to the Chef de Partie. Even kitchen attendants can start working as Commis Chefs under the supervision of a master chef. Everything that the Commis Chef does in the kitchen is guided and supervised by the skilled or the master chef. The career of a Commis Chef comes with its own rewards. The position offers you an opportunity to learn and fine-tune different activities that you perform in the kitchen, right from vegetable preparation to taking care of the cleaning and maintaining the hygiene standards of the kitchen area. Commis Chefs, while working, can learn a variety of cooking styles from master chefs as well as manage the stock delivery. Commis Chef, with the approval of the master chef, can work in a kitchen section he is keenly interested in. Or, the master chef himself will assign you the section of kitch that you are interested to work in.

Salary of a Commis Chef

The career of a Commis Chef offers you excellent opportunities of earning. Working in shifts, a Commis Chef can earn an income ranging of $10,000 to $20,000 annually. Salary to Commis Chefs would be offered according to their skillset and the specialization they have.

In a nutshell, a culinary career as a Commis Chef provides you with an excellent opportunity of earning while you learn the minutes details of the culinary art from master chefs.

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