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Who is a landscape architect?

Have you ever heard or wanted to become a landscape architect? Do you know that you can make a great career in landscape architecture by becoming a landscape planner, a landscape manager, a landscape scientist or a garden designer? Well, the field of landscape architecture provides you multiple career opportunities to become one of these or more. Those who have a keen interest in environment designing and conservation can look forward to making an exciting career in landscape architecture. The field of landscape architecture actually deals with a number of subjects including science, arts and technology. As a landscape architect, you would be able to design zoological gardens, hill resorts, golf courses, gardens and parks, residential areas, walkways, gardens and public parks among others. Doesn’t it all sound too exciting?


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Career as a Pharmacy Technician

pharmacy-technicianDo you honestly want to see people in good health? Well, the career of pharmacy technician can make your dream of seeing people free of diseases come true. What’s more, you will also be earning a good income from this professional career. You can start your career as a pharmacy technician without studying for years. Just spend a little time on your initial education and you would soon find yourself working as an assistant to a licensed pharmacist. The roles and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician may vary a little depending on the state you live in. To enter into the medical field as a pharmacy technician, you need to be active, energetic and always eager to help people improve their health. A pharmacy technician, however, should remember that he is not supposed to provide any consultation to patients regarding the medication. Counseling about medication is the responsibility of the licensed pharmacist with whom you would be working.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Pharmacy Technician
Depending on the expanse of the business you join, the duty of a pharmacy technician may vary. Be prepared to spend a good amount of time standing on your feet. The working hours of pharmacy technicians are not fixed. You may be called to work even in the evenings, in the night or at weekends. In larger pharmacies, a pharmacy technician would be measuring medications, interacting with patients and delivering them the same. A good opportunity that the career of a pharmacy technician provides you is that you can also choose to work part time as per your specific requirements. After the medication has been labeled and packaged, the licensed pharmacist will have a final look to make sure that everything is accurate.

Where would you work?
There are a number of places and departments where you can work as a pharmacy technician – retail pharmacies, grocery stores, department stores, hospitals, nursing homes, mail order pharmacies etc. Mail order pharmacies have proved to be a good option to work for. These pharmacies provide you with flexible working hours and pay you good salary.

Education & Training
An excellent on-the-job training can easily land you job as a pharmacy technician. Formal training and certifications, however, can help you make a profitable career. During your training program, you would be studying how to calculate dosage, pharmacy mathematics, pharmacy law and inventory management among others.

Career Outlook & Salary
Pharmacy technicians are in constant demand by hospitals and mail order pharmacies. Employment growth rate is expected to rise further in the coming years. Licensed pharmacists are also looking for more and more pharmacy technicians as assistants. On an average, a pharmacy technician can earn a salary of around $27,560 annually.

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Career in Marine Biology

marine-biologyYou must have wondered a number of times about going into the space for exploration? But, have you ever wondered to explore the riches that lie around us (or beneath us for that matter)? Under the ocean lies a huge world of aquatic animals of different species. With a higher degree in marine biology, you can get a chance of exploring this endless marine world.  But this not the only career option for those who hold a degree in marine biology. There are number of other career
opportunities that can give you an opportunity to study about the behaviour of the marine animals and how they interact with the environment.

There is a common misconception among us that while you study marine biology, all you have got to do is playing with whales and dolphins. Whales and dolphins are the only marine animals that live under the ocean. A lot lies beyond. If you are really interested in marine biology and want to make a great career for yourself, you can plan to earn a degree right from a bachelor’s and a master’s to a doctorate in the subject.

To study marine biology, you should have a strong undergraduate major in biology. Then you can go for a degree in marine biology – bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate. However, the selection of the college or university where you are going to study marine biology plays a major role in shaping your career. Before you join any college or university for that purpose, you should make all the necessary enquiries about the institution. Suppose you wish to study the subject of crab reproduction. Do make sure that the college or university you attend have people specialising in crab reproduction.

Career Options in Marine Biology

You have a number of career options to choose from when you study microbiology. If you dream to join a college or a university as a professor or a teacher, you can go for a Ph.D. in marine biology. You need a doctoral degree even to make your career as a research scientist. If you completed a master’s in marine biology, you can be offered the position of a teacher at a high school or a position at an aquarium. A master’s in marine biology also makes you eligible to become a lab technician.

How much can you earn?

As an assistant professor, you can earn anywhere between $45,000 and $50,000 dollars while as a full professor you can earn an annual income ranging between$65,000 and $90,000.  There are a number of other posts that you can apply for at universities and colleges earning a good income.


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Culinary Career As a Commis Chef

commis-chef-culinary-careerCareer opportunities in the culinary industry are immense. Those who really take this art seriously can look forward to making it big in the culinary industry. There are many ways of entering the field of culinary art. Even when you join a position in the culinary industry at an entry level position, you can work hard to achieve a senior position of the position of a master chef. One of these opportunities is join the industry as a Commis Chef, an entry level position for becoming a head chef or a master chef further.

The position of Commis Chef is actually a start to becoming a master chef with a lot of hard work, dedication and practice. The position of an apprentice chef is also oftentimes referred to as a Commis Chef in the culinary industry. While you take up the career of becoming a Commis Chef, you are required to start your practice from restaurants or larger kitchens. It is only after a formal training that you can join as a Commis Chef and kickstart your culinary career.

Reporting & Responsibilities of a Commis Chef

While working in restaurants or larger kitchen, a Commis Chef reports to the Chef de Partie. Even kitchen attendants can start working as Commis Chefs under the supervision of a master chef. Everything that the Commis Chef does in the kitchen is guided and supervised by the skilled or the master chef. The career of a Commis Chef comes with its own rewards. The position offers you an opportunity to learn and fine-tune different activities that you perform in the kitchen, right from vegetable preparation to taking care of the cleaning and maintaining the hygiene standards of the kitchen area. Commis Chefs, while working, can learn a variety of cooking styles from master chefs as well as manage the stock delivery. Commis Chef, with the approval of the master chef, can work in a kitchen section he is keenly interested in. Or, the master chef himself will assign you the section of kitch that you are interested to work in.

Salary of a Commis Chef

The career of a Commis Chef offers you excellent opportunities of earning. Working in shifts, a Commis Chef can earn an income ranging of $10,000 to $20,000 annually. Salary to Commis Chefs would be offered according to their skillset and the specialization they have.

In a nutshell, a culinary career as a Commis Chef provides you with an excellent opportunity of earning while you learn the minutes details of the culinary art from master chefs.

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What is Emergency Medicine?

career-emergency-medicineIf you are ready to practice in hospital emergency departments, you can look forward to making a career in Emergency Medicine. But the first questions is : What is Emergency Medicine? Well, the vision that the medical students and their colleague actually have about Emergency Medicine is quite limited. One should have a broader vision of what Emergency Medicine actually is. It is actually a medical specialty which deals with patients who suffer from acute illnesses and injuries and need to stabilized immediately. Since patients need immediate attention, Emergency Medicine (EM) trained physicians are prepared to emergency situations.

The field of Emergency Medicine doesn’t, therefore, deal with long term treatment of patients. As EM trained physicians, practitioners are required to diagnose emergency conditions of patients and stabilize or provide them relief instantly. Most of the Emergency Medicine physicians have to spend long hours in the emergency rooms of the hospitals they work in. These physicians can provide treatment to patients in hospital emergency departments, via emergency medical services, in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or other places or departments where initial medical treatment is provided to patients suffering from acute illnesses.

The International Federation of Emergency Medicine defines this medical specialty in the following words :

“Emergency medicine is a medical specialty—a field of practice based on the knowledge and skills required for the prevention, diagnosis and management of acute and urgent aspects of illness and injury affecting patients of all age groups with a full spectrum of undifferentiated physical and behavioral disorders. It further encompasses an understanding of the development of pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency medical systems and the skills necessary for this development.”

Hope the definition makes it clear about what Emergency Medicine is.

Fellowships in Emergency Medicine (EM)
The whole idea of becoming an EM physicians is associated with fellowships programs. Emergency Medicine graduates can opt for a number of fellowship programs in Emergency Medicine including prehospital medicine, research, toxicology, sports medicine, ultrasound, pediatric emergency medicine and hyperbaric medicine.

The United Kingdom (UK) provides medical trainees the facilities of going for a training program after completion of their five years of medical school and two years of foundation program. The three-year-long program provides training in acute medicine, intensive care, emergency medicine, and musculo-skeletal emergency medicine. Next, the medical students have to get through the Membership of the College of Emergency Medicine Examination. Further a 3-year-long training program continues. Finally, after passing the FCEM, the doctors are eligible to apply for the post of Emergency Medicine Consultant.

So, this is was just a brief intro to the question : ‘What is Emergency Medicine?’. Later, we will discuss about the diverse career opportunities in the field of Emergency Medicine.


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